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Wear Vegan on World Vegan Day
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Wear Vegan on World Vegan Day

Vegan clothing is better than it’s ever been. There’s no better day than World Vegan Day, November 1st, to eliminate animal products from your wardrobe. Leather, fur, wool, down, and silk are harmful to animals and a key part of animal agriculture. These products are not byproducts, they are coproducts. Buying clothing that uses animal parts ensures that the animal agriculture industry will continue to make more of those products.

This World Vegan Day, take the pledge to wear vegan. By wearing vegan, you are voting with your wallet for the type of world that you want. You can also eliminate your support of animal testing by making the additional commitment to have your body products and makeup be cruelty-free in addition to being vegan.

If you’re going to wear vegan, you need to look fabulous. By looking put together and enviable, you’re showing the world how rich and fulfilling a vegan lifestyle can be. In the same way that you stay healthy and go to the gym, you should take care of your appearance as a vegan. It’s an important part of advertising the movement.

Wearing vegan is a conversation starter. This could be one of the unintended consequences of going vegan with your wardrobe. There’s no better way to answer the question, “Where did you get that?” than by adding, “...and it’s vegan.” Live fully, and wear vegan this holiday with us.

Shop UNICORNGOODS.COM for the world's largest collection of vegan products. Unicorn Goods is a Public Benefit Corporation with a mission to reduce animal suffering by selling and promoting animal-free products. They carry over 3,000 items from over 300 brands and are PETA-Approved. Unicorn Goods is vegan-owned and dedicated to helping people shop animal-free. The site has a free personal shopping service is are doing a triple giveaway of the most popular sellers in celebration of World Vegan Day 2016.

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    Yes! Always be proud of being vegan! It is totally okay to have a few vegan graphic tees in your closet to get to word out.


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