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Was JESUS a Vegan?
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Was JESUS a Vegan?

This is a question that boggles me daily.  There are so many opinions in this very divided world that can be voiced on this.  The funny thing is that most of the people voicing opinions have not even read the BIBLE.  

Carnivores just automatically throw up their defense and spit out bits and pieces of things that they have "heard" on the subject.  Do not let me sound biased to you, though, because many times we Veggies do the same thing.  Just because you are veg does not mean you are christian and know about GOD's take on it.  

There are many Veggies, in fact, who are not of the christian faith...but will still put out an opinion.  I am in no way trying to step on toes, because I try to avoid passing judgement, as it is not my job to do so; but this is just plain observation.  We do it, they do it, you do it, and so do I...It is for this reason that I decided to investigate the matter and study the BIBLE verses to see what I could find.  

Let me assure that is a job, and still pretty confusing.  I have still not read everything on the subject but have learned a few things.  Far be it for me to try to quote scripture because I am sure I will mess something up; but in simple terms I have discovered that JESUS ate a whole crap load of unleavened bread(vegan), and the only other thing that so far I can confirm he ate is corn...from the fields(also Vegan).  

There are many scriptures that refer to JESUS "going to meat" or "sitting down to meat"...from the way it reads, I have to say that it appears to be a pretty generalized term for "meal" and that they are not necessarily saying that JESUS ate the meat.  

Now, it does make mention of him fishing and distributing fish to the people...but I am not so sure if it directly says that he ate the fish, himself.  As I mentioned earlier, I have not fully studied the whole BIBLE, so I can only make assumptions and share about what I have read. Any comments on scripture references where it precisely states JESUS ate meat would be greatly appreciated.  

While I do plan to continue my quest for that particular answer, I have come to a conclusion about whether it is right or wrong to eat meat in GOD's eyes.  Compassion is probably one of the most important things that GOD wishes for everyone to obtain...not just for other people, but for everything that he created...EVERYTHING.  

That being said, I have to say that I found some scripture reference in Romans 14:14-23 that TO ME (everybody interprets differently, so it may speak a totally different message to you), tells me all I need to know to answer the question of if it is right or wrong according to GOD.  To sum it up for you, in my understanding, it basically says that it is not about eating meat or not eating is about knowing what is right and wrong and standing behind what YOU have faith in.  

Now, I did read in there that GOD, at some point, told the people that he was now giving them EVERYTHING for food.  I guess that does include the animals; but I happen to feel like that is a little bit of reverse psychology.  

Now, I am not calling GOD a trickster, I would never...I am a christian, but just simply saying that "free will" allows you to make your own decision and GOD is just telling you that your at "free will" to eat of anything.  I personally believe that he would prefer you to choose to have compassion on the other living creatures and not eat them, when you have so many plant based options and do not need to...but that this is one of those things that he is letting you choose for yourself on to test your faith and character.

The scripture I mentioned pretty much says that if you believe it is ok with GOD for you to eat meat, it is not unclean for you...but if you are offended by eating meat or believe it to be wrong, it is unclean for you.  He wants you to choose to do the right thing, by your own hearts judgement...not by anyone elses opinions. Do not distort this because it is not saying you can just decide that it is ok to torture and abuse animals to eat them for your own enjoyment, if you just tell people that you believe GOD said you, no, have to listen to what your heart is telling you(that is GOD).  

If you have a thought in the back of your mind that it could be wrong, but want to eat meat anyway because you like to...YOU ARE judgement, just facts.  So you see, the big controversy will forever go on and on, but the answer to it is this: Do what you know in your heart to be right by GOD.

For me, that is being compassionate and having respect for all of GOD's creatures and choosing to not kill them, torture them, take them from their families, and abuse them for my own pleasure; because food is only fuel and it is selfish in my heart to take from another creature of GOD, just because I can.  Choose compassion, pass the test,...Go Veg! 

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  1. BuddhasDelight
    this is interesting, something i have looked into as well, out of curiosity. most sources i found could estimate he was likely a vegetarian if not full vegan. cool man. him and einstein, veggie inspirators! :) voted! please check out my new potato leek soup and honeydew salad recipes and vote if you enjoy them. :) i hope to see more interesting articles from you, bobbie sue!
    1. BobbieSue
      Thank you! It was my very first ever was not sure if I did it right. Ha! However, I am very excited about getting more active with this site and hope to find many more inspirations very soon. I will definitely check out your blogs, as I am constantly looking for recipes. I am the only Veg in the house and just recently made the switch to full Vegan, with hopes to reach RAW status in the future. I welcome any and all advice.
      1. BuddhasDelight
        well congratulations on the vegan switch and welcome to theflamingvegan! i love it here, great blogging folk and loads of inspiration. best to you! :)
  2. Veganara
    Brilliant blog BobbieSue, I relate 100%! I always think that as well, that respect and compassion for all living creatures would be one of the central tenets of any true religion. Out of votes now, but will come back and vote tomorrow.
  3. Teresa
    Vote #3 Bobbie Sue. Wow! Such a powerful and a very interesting blog. That will teach me to read the Bible more and more to study it thoroughly. Such a well thought out blog. I must say, that I was floored when I read this blog. Excellent job and welcome to The Flaming Vegan. I too, am still yet, kind of new to this new way of eating. I'm going to try and do it myself. Not only for the simple fact, that it saves the lives of animals, but, also, for health reason as well. I will have to wean myself into this idea and to win my sons over into it. If not, then, I will go it alone.
    1. Veganara
      Hi again BobbieSue. This blog of yours inspired me to write a post about veganism and Christianity, as it is something I have thought about too! Have a look at my latest blog Why Are More Christians Not Vegans? and if you like it, please vote!
  4. oooowow
    Hi BobbieSue, I read your post after Veganara pointed it up in one of her postings. I believe that Jesus probably was a vegan. Here's why: The Bible was written by men, not God, and needs to interpreted in that context. True, many believe that it was inspired by God, but still a man sat down and wrote it. But, in my opinion, God inspires all that is created, so--- Now, when the scrolls were found that the Bible is based on, there were many more books than is published in the Bible.That's why I say "man" wrote it--because someone edited it and decided what we would see as the Bible. So, much of the writing is slanted to the agenda that served the people in charge in those days, probably not at God's behest. One of those omitted books talks about the 16 or so years of Jesus' life that are unaccounted for in the Bible--the years between when he went to the temple school and when he began preaching. It is believed--based on other ancient texts that during that time, he was in India studying with Yogis, who practice a vegan lifestyle. The unleavened bread you cite is actually traditional Jewish law that is still followed, and may or may not be associated with veganism. (Indian naan bread is pretty close.) The same is true of the prohibition in the eating of pork. That is also Jewish law still observed. Jesus, of course, was Jewish. Many of the dietary rules laid down in scripture ( like the ban of pork) was actually for health reasons--pigs carried transmittable disease and parasites.) In the New Testament, it talks about Jesus going out in the desert to meditate and fast for 40 days--that's a direct steal from Yoga practice, so---- If you are interested in taking your inquiry farther, I suggest you also look into these missing books of the Bible..they are fascinating..also--it is believed by some historians that Jesus was also married (Mary) and there is also some evidence that he survived the crucifixion and returned to India with Mary to live out his days.Controversial, yes, but interesting. The mythology around all that, of course, served the powers of that day, government and church included. Please don't flame me, I am simply presenting some other supporting facts to your post with no judgements attached.
    1. BobbieSue
      Oh, I certainly would not burn you for that. It is actually very interesting! Where could I find some actual, leggit info on these lost scrolls? I know that you cannot trust everything on the internet. I really would like to view them, though, as I am still in search of that answer, myself. I feel now like I have come to terms with what I believe GOD would prefer us to do in the whole meat vs. veg situation...but I would still like to know WWJD(WhatWouldJesusDo) or what DID he do rather. The BIBLE speaks of JESUS being the only perfect man, with no sin under his belt...wouldn't it be a major blow to find out he actually ate meat? And that is not what I hope the outcome is, myself, but just what if? If he was perfectly holy, it would totally confuse me to know that he showed no compassion towards the animals, ya know? I just do not want to believe that he would, being who he was.
      1. oooowow
        If you do a search on amazon or a your local library ( depending on how "liberal" your library is in your area) for "lost books of the bible" or "missing books of the Bible," you should find it...they are scholarly works, not new agey stuff...and were done with academic and scientific methods.... Netflix also has a documentary done I think by PBS called "Jesus in India."
      2. oooowow
        Hey Bobbie Sue! I was thinking about this when I was driving, and there is an reason that Jesus was vegan...Probably most of the people in his socio-economic crowd were at the time--or ovo-lacto vegetarians because of necessity. If you think about it, animals were expensive and it was probably a better deal to keep them and eat the eggs, milk and cheese than the actual critters..and the chickens would clean up the veggie scraps and eat the bugs....No refrigeration either. So, my guess is that's how they ate most of the time...........
  5. dianabart
    "Bravo.. well done my good and faithful servant!" -Mat 25:21 its a matter of the heart! <3 Love this voted and tweeted! :-)
  6. neohesus
    Yes I am and was vegan actually I eat as God ordained in Genesis eating tree fruits and seeds from herbs. In my videos I explain what happened how I fed the 5000 and the miraculous catch plus many other miracles. In 2012 I fulfilled the prohpesy of my return (and the prophesy from Isaiah of the year of atonement) but just like last time few truly believe it is me. I am tired, angered and frustrated with the continuing evil man does and man shunning me, me the truth but only God knows the hour and the day when my message shall go viral. As foretold in revelations I come back with the sword of my mouth, my words are the truth, those who hear and follow them shall find heaven those who ignore or reject them remain lost. In this video you will understand the murderers I am up against and Why I remain incognito for the minute This is the video where I announced my return in 2012. sorry to dissapoint anyone expecting the supermodel Jesus, I come again as a seemingly insignificant man whose words lead to heaven and whose hands harness the healing power of chi (Isaiah 53: notice that this verse although written before my crucifixion now reads in the past tense, ie. in me it is fulfilled). Heres hoping you are among the believers who survive the confusion and turmoil soon to grip this world built on lies. JC back. x


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