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Warrens Bakery Takes Vegan Food to New Heights
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Warrens Bakery Takes Vegan Food to New Heights

If you thought being a vegan was restrictive and limiting, you thought wrong! Warrens Bakery has just broken away from this age-old convention by coming up with vegan food that will get you salivating for more. With mouth-watering Thai and Mexican Vegan pastries just added to their menu, it goes without saying that Warrens Bakery is taking vegan food options to new heights.

Going Back to the Roots

Having first begun in 1860, Warrens Bakery is still known for being Cornwall’s oldest bakery and this step in a new direction may come to be seen as a front runner for the blossoming of a vegan industry there. Situated on the street, Warrens is hoping their Vegan Green Thai and Fiery Mexican pastries will be seen as a new lunchtime favourite for people passing by.

Master Baker, Jason Jobling, is thrilled to see how well people are taking to their pastries. He states that the pasties are developed using the finest ingredients. However, to add to the taste, they have even come up with their own blend of white flour and wholemeal which works better with the ingredients. So not only are these pasties wholesome and hearty, but they contain all traditional ingredients which add to their taste.

Delicious Vegan Food like No Other!

When people think of Vegan, they think of bland, untasty meals without any delicious, chunky meat or steak in it. Although the absence of meat is there, the meal certainly isn’t as bland as you think. Warrens Vegan Green Thai Pasty brings a lovely taste of the Far East into your mouth. With a mixture of creamy coconut and a variety of Thai spices, these pasties are packed with pulses, chickpeas, sweetcorn and more – all of which serve to complement each other in a new and innovative way.

For those that love the more fiery stuff, the hot and fiery Mexican pasty is a must-have. Containing red kidney beans, potato, swede and chili, this pasty will certainly let you put your taste buds to the test to see if you really have what it takes. With these new complementing flavours of different kinds, Warrens Bakery is certainly taking vegan food to new heights.

These new additions to their vegan menu are going to be launched in over 50 bakeries covering Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Bristol along with Birmingham, where Warrens will be opening their first franchise store shortly.  

A Reputation that Continues to Soar…

Warrens Bakery has always been on the receiving end of praise and accolades when it comes to their pastries and sweet bakes. The last two years have won them the Craft Business Award in the Baking Industry Awards along with numerous awards at the World Pasty Championships of 2016 and the British Pie Awards.  

So does this age old pastry café live up to the level of taste of its meaty brethren? Two reporters of Cornwall Live, Caroline Chick and Lee Trewhela decided to have a look to see if the café lives up to the hype and they were more than satisfied with the delectable pastries they tasted. They too, feel that Warrens Bakery is going to take vegan food to all new heights, with these new dishes and providing more options to choose from.  

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