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Wanna Get Inked? Choose a Vegan Tattoo
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Wanna Get Inked? Choose a Vegan Tattoo

If you’ve been toying with the idea of getting some ink artwork, you might not have thought about whether or not tattoos are vegan. Do they make use of animal products? The answer might surprise you!

Ink used in the creation of tattoos is really pigment that consists of various substances, depending on the color that you choose for your tatt. Many colors come from plant extracts, but black is a tricky color because it is usually made from animal bone. The process involves grinding bones and then heating them to a high temperature in order to create the black color. Added to this, tattoo inks are really pigments in carrier solutions. These carriers are often made of glycerine, which is produced from animal fat.

There are options if you want to get yourself a completely vegan tattoo. The good news is that colors other than black usually don’t require animal-derived products. If you want black, then you must be sure that your tattoo artist is deriving this pigment from natural sources, such as logwood or magnetite crystals. And, check that the carrier comes from a plant base.

It’s a good idea to view the artist’s vegan tattoo samples so that you can see his/her previous work and if you are happy with the results. You want to be sure that the work was done naturally and still looks as strong and vivid as regular tattoo ink. Obviously, checking out the artist’s work is a good idea anyway because this is your body art we’re talking about!

There aren’t that many tattoo parlours that make use of vegan options, but some of these are worth checking out:

I love the cover image of their Facebook page: Vegan tattoos don’t hurt (animals). Right on!

They offer vegan tattoos and after-care products.

This is a vegan shop that promises affordable rates and it’s in close proximity to New York City.

Now that you’re sorted on your vegan ink, all you need to do is find the perfect design. Go on and make a statement.

*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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  1. lorraine
    Voted. Thanks for that info. I'm in the UK so will now have to do some research of my own as I'm hoping to get a new tattoo soon. Its not something I had considered before, thank you! :)
    1. Giulia Simolo
      Giulia Simolo
      Hi lorraine, thanks so much! :) Here are some resources that might prove helpful to you: Mr Bubba Tattoos: The Tattoo Shop Spike at the Art (they use vegan ink) Good luck. xx


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