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Vivienne Westwood Says People Who Can’t Afford Organic Food Should Eat Less
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Vivienne Westwood Says People Who Can’t Afford Organic Food Should Eat Less

During a recent BBC Fashion 5 Live interview, the topic turned to organic living. The interviewer mentioned that not every person can afford to eat organic food and in response to this, renowned fashion designer Vivienne Westwood blurted out that if people can’t afford to buy organic food, they should just eat less.

Oh, dear.

Although the designer’s comments seemed harsh (and she later stated that her comments had indeed been misunderstood), she went on to say that the world needs to switch to a green economy. This is of huge importance because the alternative is unhealthy for all of us. Processed foods aren’t good for us and they are the main reason why people are putting on weight. ‘They don’t give you strength, they give you weight,’ Westwood insisted.

Westwood explained her own diet, which cuts out meat because it’s bad for her as well as harmful to the animals. She also focuses on eating her greens and believes that if there was a movement to produce greater amounts of organic food and less of the horrible food, organic food would be a 'good value price.’

The core of what Westwood is saying makes sense if we want to lead healthier lives that are free of disease. Although organic food is usually more expensive than non-organic varieties, and there has been debate over whether or not it contains more nutrients, recent research states that organic food is definitely healthier for you than non-organic food. 

As an example, a 2014 study found that organic crops contain 60 per cent more antioxidants than those that are grown conventionally. So, just by eating organic fruits and vegetables on a regular basis, you can achieve more nutrient-rich food that would be the equivalent of eating one or two extra portions of produce a day.




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    Interesting ideas! We're sure these words have led and will continue to lead, to spirited debate! Thanks Giulia!
    1. Giulia Simolo
      Giulia Simolo
      Thanks! Glad you like it. :)


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