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Vegetable Garden in The Jungle
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Vegetable Garden in The Jungle

... The concrete jungle that is. And being that it is a jungle of sorts, everyone knows that the hustle and bustle of city life, especially in the one and only New York City, rests between the two extremes of homey and outright intimidating. But residents of the city take it in strides, and in fact find ways of taking back their food, in a space that most might think has no potential for producing anything of ones own, vegetable-wise. Martina is such a resident. A graphic designer, living in a city apartment, she established her own personal patio farm enclosure, she dubs "Farmtina".

From "Farmtina," Martina says that she grows "enough food to feed herself through the whole summer," which is saying something about a modest patio farm in the heart of the Big Apple. She may struggle a bit when it comes to obtaining her supplies, but she gets it done, and has chipped out a pretty good operation for herself. If she can thrive off of her own garden there, then just about anybody can do it where they live. With a little sweat, and a "can do" attitude, you'll be scarfing down fresh carrots and tomatoes in no time :-)

I'll let Martina speak for herself.... Watch the video below and sharpen those pencils hehe

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  1. Carolyn
    To be able to grow your own food from a patio container garden is awesome! Great Article! Voted!
    1. Still Mind
      Still Mind
      Yeah, it is awesome... It just goes to show that gaining control of one's food is more obtainable than most people may think. Thanks for voting, Carolyn ^_^
  2. Roopam
    Wow! growing your own food for inspirational...
    1. Still Mind
      Still Mind
      Yep, it truly is! So, I'm just hoping that more and more people will start to attempt to figure out a way in which they can bring vegetables into their own lives, all the way from seed to stomach :-)
  3. Virtually Homemade
    Virtually Homemade
    What a great video! I grew up in NY city (Manhattan) and know that even patio space is a rare commodity. I love all the inventive plant containers and views of the big apple. Made me homesick since I now live in San Diego - a little easier to keep a garden here and this inspires me to do even more! Voted! Check out my post Grilled Sesame Edamame and please vote!
    1. Still Mind
      Still Mind
      Hi Virtually Homemade! I'm glad that you liked the post. Yeah. I've never lived in the city myself, but I can only imagine that getting a patio space all to ones self, is something that would definitely be rare. Thanks for reading and voting, and I will be sure to check out your post :-)


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