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Vegesausage Kebabs: Want your Kids to be Healthy? Try this!
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Vegesausage Kebabs: Want your Kids to be Healthy? Try this!

Kids all time favorite food that surely brings a smile on their faces are hotdogs or sausages. Every mom knows it! For sure, you won’t be having a hard time saying “please eat your food” to your kiddos if what’s on the plate are juicy and delicious hotdogs! But, those hotdogs that are usually available in the grocery stores and supermarkets are made of meat and have tons of artificial flavourings and preservatives that can harm your child’s health. What every mom wants is to see her kids growing healthy and happy right? Kids under 8 years old are picky on foods and rely on their taste buds only and not after on their health.

We don’t want our kids to cry and beg for hotdogs especially if this is the only food that they can say that they can have a huge meal. There is an alternative hotdog that you can be confident and won’t feel any guilt on giving to your kids because you can be sure that it is good for their health and at the same equally delicious as their favorite meat hotdogs.

Vegesausages or vegehotdogs are good alternatives to meat hotdogs! Kids won’t even know it that what they are eating are hotdogs made of vegetables and not “meat hotdogs”! Just give it an extra amazing presentation to make it more appetizing on their eyes!


Vegesausage Kebabs


40 pcs. small vegesausages, deep fried (specially for children)

1 bot. sweet blend tomato catsup

¼ cup brown sugar

40 pcs big marshmallows in colors

10 pcs medium banana, sliced into 4 crosswise,  fried

40 pcs. pineapple chunks (fresh or canned)

2 pcs. medium cucumber, cut into 1-inch crosswise

40 pcs. barbecue sticks

Procedure for cooking:

1. Mix tomato sauce and sugar in a frying pan. Cook over medium fire until sugar is dissolved and mixture is of thick consistency.

2. Add fried sausages. Mix until sausages are well coated.

3. Thread on each of the marshmallows, banana, vegesausages, pineapple chunks, and cucumber on barbecue stick.

4. Arrange sticks on banana stack or cabbage head or anything that you prefer.

Yield/Serving: 40 kebabs

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