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Vegans Are Like Snowflakes, Every Journey is Different
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Vegans Are Like Snowflakes, Every Journey is Different

I think the only good advice I can give you, is to research, research, research. Everybody’s journey to becoming vegan is different, and everybody has different opinions and experiences of what happened for them. I think its important to read as many books, articles, websites as you can so that you understand that going vegan is a lot like doing yoga. You cannot judge yourself by the person standing next to you, it has to be a journey for yourself, with yourself. Remember that you became vegan because you wanted to do better for your health, and the environment not so that you could live up to a vegan title. Becoming vegan for some is a slow and steady progression of going from vegetarian to being vegan. Some people waver between being vegan some days and craving burgers the next. I think that its important to do whatever feels right. I went from reading 2 books that changed my life, and went from proud omnivore to attempt at full vegan.* I haven’t swayed once in the past 5 months, nor have I had cravings like some have. The only time I ever longed for diary or meat when I’m starving and it’d be easier for me to go back to my old ways.

Some people start out by have the support and friendship of other vegans or vegetarians in place. Some people know absolutely know one but are still moved to this journey. I was lucky enough to have a vegetarian cousin, and a vegan friend. The one piece of advice I'd like to offer is to not isolate yourself, to try to find supportive vegans on the web so you aren't doing this alone. I've heard that some people get terrible gas, or pain when they give up these foods as part of the detox. I didn’t experience any of that. I’ve read a few articles that say going vegan was their quick fix for acne, I wish that was my experience. Some Articles promote going vegan as a “quick way to lose weight”. Which I’m sure is the experience for some people, but I had no extra weight to lose so I didn’t drop pounds. I do however notice that it’s so much easier to maintain weight, and if I do gain pounds from a vacation I can drop them much quicker with less rigorous exercise.

Beyond the different physical experiences that people have when deciding to go vegan, there are again many different choices in how vegan to become. Do you decide to swear off honey or continue to use it? Do you throw out/donate all your non-vegan goods or do you hold on to some previously bought things until they are worn out? Do you cut out white sugar on the basis that they might use carbon? Do you research your make up and throw out all the products with carmine in it, or keep your blush? You need to be the one to draw the line, and maybe that means using less honey or sugar but not cutting it out. Remember that this is about you, and how you feel and what you want.

Some people would like to tell you, that you can’t be a true vegan if you wear any leather, or own leather couches, even if all the goods were previous bought. Tell them this is your Journey, and maybe stake claim to being a herbivore and not a vegan. Although in my opinion I think the vegan name needs as many allies as we can get, so personally I’ll be proud of anyone willing to give up meat and diary and the purchasing of future products that are animal byproducts. By cutting out eating meat, and dairy, and no longer buying products that are cruel to animals you are doing wonders for yourself, and the environment, don’t ever forget that.

The one thing I know for sure is that being a true 100% vegan is a lot like becoming buddha. It’s unattainable, unless you never leave you house. You can’t guarantee whats in your food in a restaurant, your car and bike will hurt some bugs, you may find yourself enjoying the scent of a burger. Whenever you feel like swaying, or feel like your not vegan enough remind yourself why your doing this. It’s because your a compassionate, honest person. That’s enough to make me proud of you, whatever path your taking or however your journey is going.


*The books I read made me go vegan the minute I put the second one down. I first read The Kind Life by Alicia Silverstone and followed that by Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer which was enough to get to me swear of meat and dairy for good.

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  1. Lana Bahumes
    Lana Bahumes
    I can totally be Vegan but so hard with my current living surroundings. I do not need to wear leather shoes, fur, etc. I am happy with synthetic Vegan free products. I can easily switch to Vegan food too. I need to research more on how to stay healthy and get all the vitamins needed.
    1. Vegantures
      Hopefully once you do some research you can find easier ways to be healthy and get vitamins while eating vegan maybe more often then you do already. It's absolutely priority number one for people who are starting to adopt plant based diets to research foods so that they can make sure they are getting the vitamins they need. Luckily the only vitamins you really need to watch for are b12 and omega 3's. Most plant based diets as long as they are with good variety of plants give you lots of extra vitamins and minerals. Good luck researching :-)
  2. The Beet Eating Heeb
    The Beet Eating Heeb
    "Eating Animals" was very influential in The Beet-Eating Heeb's decision to evolve from a vegetarian diet to a vegan one. BEH is so grateful that Jonathan Safran Foer's devoted his only non-fiction book to the important but often-overlooked topic of factory farming.
    1. Vegantures
      absolutely agree, I also appreciate that it's write in such a way that you don't feel like he's trying to tell you things he already knows. It's like you're there with him figuring it all out.
  3. moregreensplease
    This was such an awsome post.I read it right after making my first post on this site.Eating Animals was a very enlightning book that I read.As I put in my post there was a book that had a lot of influence on myself making the switch from vegitarian to vegan.The book was Vegan Freak, Being Vegan In A Non-Vegan World.The moment I picked that book up I was vegan.Thank you for your post and I hope you enjoy your journey. - moregreensplease


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