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Veganize Your Lifestyle, Not Just Your Diet
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Veganize Your Lifestyle, Not Just Your Diet

Going completely vegan may not be an easy choice for many, but for those who have the will and perseverance to do so, it is a lifestyle that is certainly worth the sacrifice. Although the vegan culture is not largely visible in many places, a new Vegan retail boutique called The Imperative, started by Hellenic Vincent de Paul, is now taking over the neighbourhood, with this new form of animal love.

Going Behind the Scenes

Also an entrepreneur, Hellenic Vincent de Paul has certainly achieved a lot in his life. However, his ambition did not let him stop there. Apart from organising the annual Toronto Vegan Food and Drink Festival, Vincent decided to go a step further and open up a vegan retail store that was capable of meeting the needs of everyone who wanted to live pro-animal lives.

Trying to promote a new humane approach to life, Vincent de Paul’s latest venture The Imperative, is full of fashion and household products that are made without harming any animals. So whether you are looking for jackets, pants, tops or any other products, you can get them made of faux leather right here.

Vincent explained that, although most people don’t realise it, the dyes and paints that go into one’s footwear often have some animal products in them. In contrast, he chooses to sell vegan shoes and sneakers that look as chic as your regular pairs but the major difference being, they are cruelty-free. This is the main reason why this vegan retail boutique has been taking over the neighbourhood.

How did Vincent’s Empire Grow to such an Extent?

The foundation of Vincent’s vegan empire was laid down about 7 years ago when Vincent himself chose the vegan life. Then in 2012, he bought a website called Ecorazzi, which was a site for celebrities and thus also promoted the notion of being vegan. Three years later, the first Toronto Food and Drink Festival was held in Fort York. This was where he met Doomie, owner of Doomie’s Home Cookin’ and from then their ideals intertwined, and their fates were locked.

If you thought veganism meant a life of deprivation, you thought wrong! The Imperative sells skincare products, books, ceramic items, housewares and a whole lot more. Vincent believes that veganism isn’t just a diet and people can meet all of their needs without exploiting animals.

Walking the Unpaved Path

You no longer have to be vegan merely in your food choices but can apply this approach to your entire lifestyle. With custom made t-shirts and brands that are pro-vegan, you can find apparel with cheesy vegan slogans and share your ideology with others as well. Having an entire floor dedicated to footwear, an entire section to cosmetics, you can bet that anything and everything you wish to have, can be found right in your neighbourhood. By choosing to stop at The Imperative, you can now sleep well at nights knowing that you made an effort to not harm animals. This animal-friendly approach that manages to deliver quality at its best, is what has caused this vegan retail boutique to take over the neighbourhood.

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