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Veganism: The One-stop Solution for Acne?
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Veganism: The One-stop Solution for Acne?

If you thought switching to veganism would just help the animals, you thought wrong. New reports have shown that a vegan diet may be your one-stop option to get rid of the dreadful acne that has been getting you down.

Battling Acne Horrors

While acne has always been known to be a teenage phenomenon, research has shown that a significant amount of the adult population also fall victim to this menace. Thus, people are constantly looking for that ‘special fix’ to cure them of their acne horrors, and 22-year-old Rachel Crawley, from the U.K.,of is now claiming that she has found a new solution that worked wonders for her: a vegan diet!

For Rachel, veganism does seem to be the one-stop solution to acne treatment. In fact, she revealed that her acne had marked her face so much that people had begun to taunt her about it on social media, referring to her as “disease face.” Having been a victim to acne since the young age of 16, Rachel did not grow up feeling too confident about her skin.

In fact, in an interview with Daily Mail, Rachel revealed that her cystic acne problem actually reduced her self-esteem. Thus, when given the opportunity to be a part of the Miss Preston Beauty Pageant at the age of 18, unlike other girls, Rachel was too embarrassed by her skin to accept the offer. But did she stop there?

Addressing the Food Option

Although Rachel had faced a lot of hardships because of her blemished skin, she did not let her acne take over her life. She instead, decided to do something about it. After finding no solution to her dilemma for a long time, she decided to alter her diet.

What began as a trial attempt of overhauling her usual diet, which included getting rid of all dairy products, reducing her intake of sugar and gluten completely and avoiding meat at all costs, then turned into her daily norm as soon as she witnessed the amazing results it entailed.

Rachel’s Current Bliss

After switching to a vegan diet, Rachel claims that she has never fallen victim to a breakout of acne since then. After providing an entire document of her journey, which started from being known for having a diseased face and ended at her current clear skin, on social media platform, Instagram, Rachel has revealed that she is no longer embarrassed by her skin.

She has signed up for the 2017 Miss Preston Pageant, which she had foregone before, to prove that she does have what it takes. This young girl who never would have dared to do such a thing before, has braved the fight and to become one of the finalists there. While winning would be amazing, she claims that she is doing it mostly to prevent other people from feeling the way she did and in order to show them that there is a solution to acne.

So, perhaps, veganism may actually be the one-stop solution to treating your acne and getting your skin looking flawless once again.

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