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'Veganism is the Future', says Bill Gates
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'Veganism is the Future', says Bill Gates

The future may be nearer than we think. The future of meat, as some call it, is veganism. How true is this? And how quickly will it become a reality? How can it be that those who usually speak out about it are typically shunned, when the facts are as clear as black on white?

Well, this video may make some people think twice about meat… until they see this one. What are we seeing? Why is Bill Gates supporting veganism, yet concluding that another environmental and health destructive approach like genetic engineering is the answer?

It is important to note, first, that some scientists believe that the world will have to become vegan if we are to sustain our way of life (other than food habits, that is), especially in the Western Hemisphere. The date is set at 2050 due to the predicted shortage of water. By that time, the planet’s population will have reached 9 billion.

There is already an incredible pressure as I am writing this on the supplies available, but of course food production is not the only reason why, as I have already exposed in other articles such as Committing to Detox. Therefore, meat-eaters have an interesting decision ahead of them: stop eating meat, or clean up their act in another way… quick.

But, what is frightening some activists is that public personalities like Bill Gates are announcing that they agree with vegans, trying to make themselves seem like the ‘saviors’ of the people, yet promoting what will make us just as ill, if not more so, than by eating meat. This new meat production that they want everyone to look at is a plan that has been underway; I have come across this type of announcement before in Facebook and was asked to read it as it was ‘incredibly interesting and important news’. The person telling me to check it out was not someone I knew and the profile picture was not clear, nor were the person’s details and information made public. I had my doubts and just denied the friend request without giving it a second thought. I understand now that this could be of far more importance than what they say it is – but not for the same reasons they gave me!

The production of vegan GMO ‘meats’ could be devastating to say the least. We would replace one health hazard with another. The environmental benefits would be eliminated due to the highly chemical products needed to grow these crops; the world’s drinking water would still be contaminated; and the health risks far outweigh the economic benefits gained from eating a less expensive product.

Furthermore, if GMOs are so wonderful, why aren’t corporations accepting to label the food and clothing items that contain them?



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  1. Veganara
    Voted. This article definitely deserves it! So Bill Gates thinks the world should go vegan, but then he is advocating GMO food? WHAAT??? I don't see how he can reconcile those two views. I also saw a video on the side titled : "Steve Jobs died of cancer because he was vegan." I watched some of it, and there was a lot of talk of cancer treatments, but no mention of Steve Jobs. I lost the connection in the end. Do you know what that title means? I always thought vegans were less likely to get cancer! Is it some kind of anti-vegan propaganda? There is a lot of it about!
    1. SnakeWitch
      It could be. I know that some people would do that, of course. But we also have to remember that it isn't impossible; after all, there are other things that cause cancer as well, especially with what they put in our drinking water and all that crap we breathe in continuously. Ever since I read Monsanto's book - by Marie-Monique Robin - I had doubts that the GMO soy beans had something to do with the fact that veganism was starting to get on a roll. I'm one to believe in conspiracies, and I wouldn't be surprised that this was planned a long time ago. Sigh... I wish I could say it wasn't so, but....
    2. dianabart
      It was also found that Steve did eat sushi and that he was a junkatarian... just being Vegan does not mean a person is eating healthy. It is eating a healthy, complete Vegan diet that equals healthy! Many simply give up animal products forgetting that processed food, fast food, fried food and junk food are not considered healthy. And many over load on the grains and breads, which are just as bad and acidic as consuming animal products. We need to understand the difference between good grains and bad grains and our bodies pH balance is key to all good health!
  2. kristo
    1. SnakeWitch
      thanks darling!
  3. Veggie
    voted! People need to straighten up and come clean on their true views! thank you for an interesting read!
    1. SnakeWitch
      You're welcome!
  4. lorraine
    Bill Gates richest man in the world promoting GMO. Strikes me as a way to sound convincing about wanting to the help the environment by becoming vegan, but cashing in on it with the other 'elite' (who are all in it together) by trying convince us that GMO fake meat is the only way to do this. After only recently finding out more about veganism by researching on the internet I now cannot see how the governments of western societies still promote and subsidise meat and meat products even though they must know how damaging it is...therefore again its all for the £££ $$$. They really don't care about the environment at all.
  5. dianabart
    Just seeing this... awesome post! Isn't it Amazing the 'lies' and deception glutony and toxic taste buds will do to us? I am glad I gave up meat & I have not replaced it with anything. After fasting and detoxing I have no craving nor desire for any thing that even resembles meat. The thought, sight and smell of it make me sick! I pray that the people 'WAKE up!" all the way to see through the half truths that they are being exposed to! I pray the Truth and nothing but the truth!! Sharing this!


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