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Veganism Against Depression
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Veganism Against Depression

There are a lot of reasons why a person might choose to take up veganism. Many celebrities and famous faces continue to reveal the benefits of this lifestyle on a daily basis. Doctors say that vegans tend to have better health than their meat-eating counterparts. This sort of lifestyle also aids the environment. Most vegans believe that animals shouldn’t have to be harmed to make food or other products for human use or consumption. Well, now there might be another reason to inspire people to remove animal products from their lives. Recent studies are starting to show that vegan diets might be able to offer help to people suffering from depression.

One individual example of a man who had his spirits lifted by going vegan is Karl Hoppner. Hoppner was diagnosed with clinical depression and had fallen into many bad habits in his life. He was taking drugs, eating processed foods, and avoiding work. However, he did make some efforts to get better. He attended therapy sessions and reached out to doctors, for example. Unfortunately, these methods simply weren’t working and so he decided to do something different-- become a vegan. Hoppner didn’t have high hopes about the idea, but he gave it a try. Incredibly, the results were rapid and startling. In just a few weeks, he claims his depression had faded away and he felt much better.

Cynics could dismiss Hoppner’s tale as a one-off, but scientific studies are actually aiming prove the idea that veganism can help to battle depression. Ulka Agarwal, a doctor from the Physician’s Committee on Responsible Medicine (PCRM), revealed that depression is linked to inflammation throughout the body and a lack of serotonin, a chemical that helps to improve one’s mood. Foods that are derived from plants actually help to soothe inflammation, while many fruits and vegetables are capable of boosting a person’s serotonin levels. One recent study proved that women who eat processed foods and lots of meat are at a much higher risk of depression than vegans. Another study showed that people can truly feel happier and less stressed after eating vegan foods.

Lots of research still has to be done on the subject, but scientists believe that a big benefit of veganism is the way in which it helps friendly bacteria to grow throughout the digestive system. Plant products contain lots of fiber and probiotics which help to create a positive environment in the stomach and intestines. This allows the body to focus on creating helpful hormones and chemicals that lift one’s mood and stave off depression.

At the same time, it’s important to note that switching over to veganism isn’t a surefire way to cure mental issues. Depression can be very debilitating and may require therapy, medication, and various other lifestyle changes. It’s important for anyone suffering from a problem like Depression to speak to professionals and get the care they need. Still, it’s fascinating to see that veganism is very possibly able to offer such extraordinary benefits to a person’s mental health.

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  1. Ada Jenkins
    Ada Jenkins
    That is really interesting. Another added benefit to being vegan!
  2. Support
    Hear hear! Thanks for the post! We're pinning it now to our Pinterest board: "Vegan Health".


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