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Veganism: A Growing Movement
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Veganism: A Growing Movement

With the increasing number of people adapting to this lifestyle, there is a widespread debate regarding the global impact of such a change. In the recent years, several European countries witnessed a spike in veganism.

The many individuals on social media that considered this way of life and approached it with an open mind are major contributors towards the rising popularity of veganism.

Advocates of the movement are firm believers that veganism will lead to many long term benefits for the human race. They refrain from all kinds of animal products, keeping in mind the environmental impact of animal agriculture that stands as the leading cause of carbon emissions.

Increased Environmental Awareness  The younger generations are beginning to understand the inefficiency of the ways in which animal products are supplied to the market. Animal agriculture consumes water and other natural resources in growing quantities. It is also the cause of deforestation and polluted water bodies.

As a majority of the population understands this inefficiency, they are turning against the previously popular factory farming. Many spokespeople emerged for the movement and thus it gained recognition in the eyes of the media. Representatives share their views and numerous celebrities are also in favor of this change, while their fan following further welcomed this new concept.

Availability of Alternatives As more people decreased their consumption of meat and began looking for other options, the food industry introduced various alternatives and variety for vegans. The major fall in meat consumption took place during the last 10 years. While the numbers of slaughtered animals for food products reduced, a number of vegan options in the market increased.

Plant based protein alternatives entered the market, along with a variety of dairy products including yoghurt and ice cream. Vegan restaurants are becoming increasingly common for the young individuals who are not afraid to move away from the norms of society.

The vegan diet is no longer restricted to just fruits and veggie salads. Investors are choosing vegan food start-ups as they are becoming a go-to for the younger generations. This business is expected to expand further as more individuals around the world discover this lifestyle.

Vegan Fashion Introduced Apart from the food we consume on a daily basis, many animal products are used by the fashion industry in designing clothing and accessories. Various well-known brands are opting to use vegan leather for watches and other such materials that do not have a negative environmental impact.

The corporate world is evolving constantly, with those running ethically ruling the market. Companies making use of animal testing and other such products are being avoided by customers.

A number of festivals such as Vegfest promoting veganism are held across the UK and US. Such events are predicted to increase as the movement gains more supporters. In this way, globalization and social media have established this new lifestyle that is not only better for health but also an eco-friendly alternative.

 It excludes all kinds of harm to wildlife which eventually leads to the extinction of species. In the end, veganism emerged at a time of great divisions and differences as a movement that brought the global citizens together with their compassion for global issues such as climate change and conservation of wildlife. 

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