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VeganBurg Spreading Love
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VeganBurg Spreading Love

In every corner of the world, veganism is on the rise. All around the globe, people are jumping on board with this latest dietary trend for a huge variety of reasons. Even celebrities and other famous faces are getting in on the act, with some of Hollywood’s most recognizable names continually advocating the benefits of leading a vegan life. San Francisco is a city that has developed a reputation for being at the cutting edge of society, with its citizens always quick to adopt new changes and embrace fresh ideas. Well, the city can now boast of its first ever exclusively-vegan burger restaurant. The name of the latest burger joint in town is VeganBurg and it is situated in the Haight-Ashbury district.

For too long, vegan citizens of San Francisco have been forced to adapt whenever they decide to eat out. Various restaurants and bars around the city will do what they can to cater to these sorts of customers, with many menus constantly being updated to feature vegan-friendly meals. However, VeganBurg represents the first San Francisco-based burger place to serve nothing but vegan dishes. The restaurant itself opened in December 2015 and is already generating a lot of hype. Depending on how popular this joint proves to be, VeganBurg could inspire other restaurant owners to set up some vegan-friendly locations in the area.

The VeganBurg brand name actually originated in Singapore, where the original VeganBurg joint has been around for a few years. This new San Francisco branch represents the company’s first foray into the American market, and citizens in the local area will surely be pleased that VeganBurg executives chose San Francisco as the location for this exciting new venture. The VeganBurg menu is replete with plant-based products and animal-friendly options. Visitors to the burger joint can enjoy countless tasty dishes including the Smoky BBQ Burger with a patty made from mushrooms or even vegan-friendly hot dogs. There are also plenty of great side dishes available from seaweed fries to healthy salads. For those with a sweet tooth, an array of vegan desserts and ice creams can be purchased.

The entire menu of VeganBurg is fully suitable for vegans and this restaurant will hopefully encourage more people to give veganism a try. There are many reasons why someone might choose to adopt a plant-based diet. Veganism offers a whole host of health benefits and is also very friendly to the environment. Some people choose to switch to a vegan lifestyle to avoid participating in animal slaughter, while others do so for religious reasons. Either way, VeganBurg is a great addition to the San Francisco restaurant scene and will offer plenty of local vegans a great option the next time they want to eat in the city. Vegans will also now have the possibility to take their friends and family members along to this burger joint and share their lifestyle choice with the people closest to them.


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