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Vegan Wedding Buffet Planning
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Vegan Wedding Buffet Planning

Planning a wedding menu is always a joy, vegan or otherwise! Possibilities are endless if you can come up with substitutes for all non-vegan ideas. Planning a vegan wedding buffet is actually a rather stress-free activity. While many brides and grooms fret over their options, vegan couples breeze through the entire thing. Think about it – everything fits the natural, organic, dairy free, non-animal product category. It’s easy to fall in love with the vegan lifestyle.

Katie from Orla James agreed “When people hear that you are having a vegan buffet many will be intrigued and many will be skeptical, creating a huge interest in the food. It’s definitely rewarding when people realize how great vegan food can really taste!”

If you plan on having a vegan wedding buffet, hiring a certified vegan caterer helps. Have a favorite vegan restaurant? Find out if they also provide catering services for events. Whether you hire a vegan caterer or plan to do the cooking on your own, let us help you plan and organize.

Plan your menu in advance

With vegan buffet planning, you cannot take a chance. Vegan caterers need more time than normal caterers as food needs to be sourced from specific vendors and retailers. Allowing them time ensures that the menu is ready with your specifications. Planning the menu in advance gives you the added advantage of smoothing out finishing touches. You could also take help from your bridesmaids – they’ve probably seen you eat more vegan food than all your guests combined! Add a little spice to your menu by adding vegan mozzarella sticks and sweet potato bruschetta – you cannot go wrong with mozzarella and potato! How yummy!

Use seasonal produce

Ideally, using fresh seasonal produce is a fantastic way to get the best flavors. No wedding is complete without honoring nature! Live up to your vegan lifestyle by opting for fresh seasonal produce – show your guests how tasty vegan food really is. Whether you’re an environmentalist or a vegan, delicious food is always the best option. If you’re considering a spring wedding, then add roasted tomato salsa dip, tofu steaks with coriander and asparagus, and spring greens salad. You could also have a fresh fruit platter if it’s a daytime celebration. If you’re opting for a winter wedding, go for root vegetables like potatoes and beetroot on the menu.

Source your produce carefully

The highlight of your vegan wedding is going to be your buffet spread. Plan well in advance and scout for local Cruelty-free stores and farmers market produce. Going natural and organic is the best way to start this.  Buy your seeds, nuts and dry fruits from a trusted local supplier and vegan cheeses from a local Cruelty-free store. If you want to make it economical, ask these vendors to offer you a discount in place of displaying their name card along with your food. Collect all your fresh food 2-3 days prior to your wedding. Fresh produce has a longer shelf life only if refrigerated. Speak to your vegan caterers about where they source the food from, and ensure they also use Cruelty-free, organic vendors.

Vegan drinks

No wedding is complete without a toast. Introduce your wedding guests to amazing organic, vegan wines. Source your wine and champagne from well-known vineyards. It could be slightly more expensive than the local wine but will be worth the money and quality. You can even have organic beer and organic tea – hot and iced! Serve your teas and coffees with almond milk and soy milk so that your wedding guests are completely bowled over!

Opposition from friends and family

We know it’s very difficult to convince friends and family there will be no meat or dairy on the menu. One way to tackle this is to include close family members in your buffet selection. Take them along for food tasting whenever possible and explain why having a vegan menu is important to you. If you think they would understand better from a ‘green earth’ point of view then explain it that way. Remember, this is your special day, and you want everyone to be happy. Show your wedding guests how amazing a vegan wedding buffet can be.

Your wedding is about your love and commitment to each other. Showcase your beliefs together with a beautiful, natural vegan food menu. Whether it’s an elegant dinner or a buffet style spread, your vegan food choices should be a reflection of your alternative harmonious life. Serve amazing vegan food and show your guests how delicious vegan food is. Click lots of photos of the food and invite your guests to do the same. Spread the vegan love and let your wedding sparkle with your deliciously spectacular food!

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    It's true every wedding guest, secretly hopes for amazing food. Planning a stand out menu is fun, but the arrangements made for the day are very hectic task. Hence, one of my relative suggested me to hire professional catering services from to serve the best food to guests. I'm glad you shared such a useful post for Wedding Buffet Planning. Really very helpful post. Will be looking for you more post on wedding planning.


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