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There are many reasons that I started my journey into becoming vegan, or at least toward leading a more vegan lifestyle. I say that because I'm still not sure if being totally vegan is right for me, but am very close to it. It is hard not to drift toward veganism when you watch documentaries about animal cruelty, and how our mainstream food is poisoned by man-made chemicals.

So, I have come to terms that I want to change my way of eating and living by making small changes everyday. Going "cold turkey", after all, may backfire when you find out that you have accidentally consumed or used a product that has dairy in it, or was tested on animals. Nobody is perfect. Not to mention, would you have to start over being vegan if that happened? I don't really call myself vegan for that reason, for the small things that I haven't come to think about or realize yet. I'm something else.

I'm vegan-ish.

My path started when watching those informative, stomach curtailing, tear-inducing documentaries, where animals are shown no respect, and are treated as if they don't feel the pain of the torturous things we do to them. There is not doubt in my mind that even more goes on in within the large animal agricultural industries that we cannot see because we are not allowed to let film crews in to capture the insanity.

I began to read and see more information about health reasons not to eat meat or consume dairy, due to the true nature of our bodies digestive track. All signs point to Yes! Becomeing vegan (or as vegan as you can be), is a good start. Actually it is a great start!

But, I don't think it is the whole answer either.

Being a vegan doesn't always necessarily mean that you will be healthy. You have to maintain a plant-based diet in combination with this knowledge, otherwise you could still live off of processed junk food that can potentially have as many chemicals as the fast food hamburger you're trying to avoid. I get that there are different reasons for becoming vegan. My first reason is about animal cruelty, but the second is my health and the health of my family. That being said, my husband and I are okay with (very randomly and occasionally) eating meat, dairy, or even using honey, if we know that the source of the food is coming from organic, and local producers.

I know that's jaw dropping to some, but being very very strict on oneself is not only hard to do sometimes, it also just doesn't fit with my lifestyle. It's not just me. Others going into this transition also need to know that their journey is just fine.



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  1. QQ Quotes
    QQ Quotes
    Stomach what I wanted to say :)
  2. Still Mind
    Still Mind
    It's always a good thing to treat our bodies and other living things with the respect they deserve, in order to facilitate harmony and balance. It sounds like you are off to a good start. Thank you for sharing this ^_^ Voted!
  3. Alex
    Q, Thanks a lot for sharing. Enjoyed it much. Voted. You said this, by the way: "I began to read and see more information about health reasons not to eat meat or consume dairy, due to the TRUE NATURE OF OUR BODIES DIGESTIVE TRACK. ALL SIGNS POINT TO YES! BECOMING VEGAN (OR AS VEGAN AS CAN BE)..." When I read this I could not help but wanting to yell a resounding "Yes!" to that as well. Please take a look at my earlier posts, esp. "The Credators Original Diet for Man". In it, I shared about why you found out what you did. Simply put: We were made to eat plant-based foods... from the very start. Anything with a face and a mother was not part of the menu for us. Thanks again for a good read. -Alex


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