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A Vegan Disney World Vacation?
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A Vegan Disney World Vacation?

My first thought while I was planing my trip to Disney World was: What in the world am I going to eat?

Turns out, Disney is super flexible when it comes to being vegan/vegetarian, or fitting in any other dietary need for that matter.

Interested i going? Start your process by calling and making it known on all of your reservations that you are vegan. Do this in advance. Then, the day of the reservation (or night before, if you're having breakfast) call the restaurant and give a quick reminder. Always say something when you are seated in the restaurant as well, (you might even get the chef to come to your table). If you do this in a friendly way, there's no room for mixups and it should insure that your reserved meals are handled.

Want to picture walking through Magic Kingdom, on Main St, USA?

You smell the popcorn and instantly want to start munching, but you can't. Or can you? The answer is YES! The "butter" on the popcorn isn't butter at all. It's a butter flavored oil! So go ahead. Grab a bag or two! What happens when after you've been walking around in the Florida sun all day and see everyone is eating a Mickey Mouse ice-cream? You get  envious, right? Well, curb the envy and head over to the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor where you can get either tofutti or rice dream non-dairy ice creams. Additionally, you could head to Main Street Bakery and grab some divvies snacks! However, I've read/heard that Cosmic Rays Cafe, is very vegan friendly and will even bake you a separate batch of fries so there's no cross-contamination. Cozy up to a table and and have a veggie sandwich, remembering to ask if the bread is vegan. They will 100% substitute non-vegan bread for an alternative, if you mention it!

Now lets hop on the monorail and head to Epcot!

This is the vegan mother load park! With all of the different countries represented, you have many options. I hear Morocco has the most variety, and that the staff there are very friendly about it! Try the veggie platter with no hummus or pita! Or swig some mango tea in China! Maybe hit up Japan and get some Kaki Gore (like an italian ice). Just remember to say that your vegan, and don't want the sweet milk topping! If you're not up for that, you can head to Norway and grab a sweet almond pretzel. I have yet to try it, but I hear raves! Or grab a soft pretzel in Germany! (All soft pretzels and popcorn are vegan in Disney world.) Not up for being vegan around the world? Hit up Seasons in the Land Pavilion. Most items are vegan friendly, or can be made vegan friendly!

Lets channel our inner starlet and head to Hollywood studios!

I've read a lot about the backlot express and the veggie sandwich on multigrain ciabatta and the black bean salad, and they have those amazing baked fries like Cosmic Rays! It's a must to hit it up if spending the day there! Or, you can head to the Prime Time Cafe and get a vegan shake to cool your bones after watching one of the many shows at the theme park!

Lastly, lets visit the animals we refuse to eat, at Animal Kingdom!

I've only heard about one vegan place here, called Pizzafari. I know what you're thinking. Pizza isn't vegan Jessica. Well, they have something called "Energ rice crust vegan cheese" I'll try and give a review once I try it! 

And always remember, you can ask for vegan menus or ingredient booklets anywhere in Disney the cast will be more than happy to help you meet your needs!  I'm feeling so lucky I can be a vegan girl in a Disney world after all!


*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.


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