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Homemade Vegan Facial Care
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Homemade Vegan Facial Care

A Vegan Cleanser: Application of rose water on your face daily cleanses the face well, as going to the parlor daily is not feasible. Just apply some rose water with cosmetic cotton or with a cotton dab on your face and leave it to dry. Once dry, wash it out with plain water and pat-dry. Try it out daily and notice the difference. You are going to thank your stars for having read this article and tried it out.

A Vegan Astringent: Take some carrot juice and mix it with some tomato juice, this is a good astringent. Try it and let me know. Vegan Bleach: Grate some potatoes after peeling and washing it and then squeeze out the juice from the grated potato and apply it on your face and leave it to dry. Once dry, wash it off completely and pat-dry.

A Vegan Facemask: Take some fullers’ earth, enough to cover your whole face, hands and legs, mix it with some rose water and mashed papaya (it’s a fruit found in India). This is a perfect facemask for your face.

Another Vegan Facemask: You can try and check which facemask is better for your skin. Take some mashed papaya and mashed apple and mix it with some carrot juice. This pack may prove to be better for oily and sensitive skin.

Finally I would conclude by saying that instead of using soap, if you dry orange or lemon peels and powder it keep them, you can use it as soap, whenever you wash your face and notice the difference.

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  1. Akanksha
    Hey these are some really great tips Sanjana..I vote up!
  2. Carolyn
    Sans300, sounds like some great ideas! I have heard of using raw potatos on risens before but not as bleach. I am assuming you are referring to using a potato as a bleach for age spots.
    1. Akanksha
      Hey welcome Carolyn..I am sure you will tear this site apart too..
    2. Sans300
      Hay Carolyn...Bleaching or getting fairer, here people in India strive to get fairer, that's what I meant out here.
  3. Carolyn
    Congrats on the Top Posts!


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