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Vegan by Proxy.  Vegan by...Juicer?
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Vegan by Proxy. Vegan by...Juicer?

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I start this post with something potentially shocking, hopefully non-offensive and brutally honest - I am not a vegan, and I hope you don't disregard this article, or think I'm "vegan crashing".  I do have a great respect for healthy eating, a healthy lifestyle, and helping make the world better, including better standards for animals in all facets of industry.  I would call myself a wannabe vegetarian, because I could easily live mostly of a vegertarian, and maybe a vegan menu.  When I'm alone it's not uncommon, as I did yesterday, to reset my system with a huge bowl of swiss chard slaw - to the point of over-greening myself.  However, family preferences and family "meal time" keep me in the other world that I grew up in - which I'll admit, is a hard habit to break. For those not living with others of varied eating preferences, it is very hard to stay any one "course"(pardon the pun)

What I do know is that if I had to make a go at trying a vegan diet, I could not live without my Juicer.  I've had a few over the past 18 years, starting with the trusty Juiceman..and now with my Breville stainless steel.  Back then I was training in karate, dropping weight to gain speed.  My diet was vegan by necessity, whole food and juiced. A year later, 20 lbs lighter, and being the heaviest middleweight, instead of the lightest heavyweight, made me a force - and I felt great.  I'm not saying I was meatless, but very little.  Salads, mushroom burgers and juices are really quite filling.  IF I got hungry, Guinness is vegan right? :) 

I could assume most reading this are vegans, but I won't assume everyone owns a juicer. Good ones are expensive, and well, cash isn't flowing these days.  I suggest saving pennies to buy a decent one. With all honestly, the juice fruit/veg combinations are truely the most delicious "food" I've ever tasted.  Fresh carrot, Cantelope/Strawberry, Apple/Beet, Watermelon/Cucumber...just to mention a few simple ones, ignoring the wonderful additional of ginger and varied greens.  So long as you don't overfruit, meaning oversugar (gycemic spike) you should be fine, and the nutritional and hydration value is beyond.

The fact is, I feel like an unofficial member of the vegans when I down a pint of my pre-jog elixers.  I think to myself, I could really live on all fruits and vegetables and my juicer is my instrument of proxy.  But I do realize to consider veganism as a purely culinary attitude is not doing the movement as a whole justice. I really do understand the political and humane backbone that drives it.  Maybe I'm not ready for that, but I am always capable of walking by the meat aisle into produce, filling my basket with the next great combo of my proxy veganism.  There hope for us all, one apple/carrot/grape/beet/parsely pint at a time! 



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  1. DadsPlan
    ...and I wish I spelled checked a bit better! Sorry.
  2. Akanksha
    Hey...even I am not a Vegan and no one who writes here has to be. In fact, most of us are not vegans and we motivate each other to stay on course and make healthy eating choices. Even I was born in a non-veg family but I quit meat about four years feels good and it is now easier since everyone has accepted the fact. (You can read my complete story in my older posts) Welcome to The Flaming Vegan and hope to read more from you!
    1. DadsPlan
      Hi! Thanks for letting me know everyone here isn't a vegan. Ntot sure what I supposed to assume on a site called "Flaming Vegan!" lol. It actually helps me write more comfortably about other topics, that could be interesting to a broader community. I will check out your story :-) Cheers!
  3. Anita Vegana
    I liked this post. At least you're not the type of omnivore that bashes vegans. thank you. I voted for you. By the way, I don't mean to burst your bubble, but Guiness isn't vegan. For more details, please visit my article here: And please vote for me here: Why Are Illegal Drugs so Harmful For the Environment?
    1. DadsPlan
      Thanks. I love that article...who knew? I've been done in by "isinglass"! So would that qualify for vegetarian? I'll will get to your article - and thanks for the comment :-)
  4. SnakeWitch
    Yours is a juicer, mine is a blender. I would get incredibly bored with my food without it. Voted! So you know, people here will be happy to encourage you to become a vegan, if that is your dream. Stop by my new post, Sweet Banana Blackberry Smoothie, and maybe I could make you become dependant on a new kitchen appliance... !
    1. DadsPlan
      Thank you! Is you blender a regualr, or a VitaMix. I hear those are awesome (keep the fiber), but a bit pricey. I'm not sure I dream of being vegan. There's too much carnivore influence in my life to make that a sustainable goal. But when I can lean this way Iwhen I can - as I see it a healthful way to undo culinary discretions. You post look good...checking it out!
      1. SnakeWitch
        Mine is a good regular. I want a VitaMix, but I live in Colombia and the delivery charge would be too high for me.
  5. Veganara
    Voted. Great blog. I agree with you, everyone should have a juicer! And Akanksha is right , you don't have to be vegan or even vegetarian to be on this site - it does say it is for the "V-curious" as well! Please check out my latest blog, Pull Down The Ivory Towers, and vote if you like it, thanks! :-)
    1. DadsPlan
      Thank you! I'll try to only post gems :) I'll check out your post!


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