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Vegan Weddings
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Vegan Weddings

My teenager is engaged. She is 18 ½ years old. I'm going to decline to describe her as being 222 months old and precocious. Those of you who are parents of people over 18 will understand. Those of you with small children who think that your child will grow up to be a rational, forward thinking teenager who listens to parental advice because of being raised properly...well, just hold onto that as long as you can. We'll point and laugh later. But that's not what this post is about. You see, the bride is a vegan.

So all terror about a 20 year old and an 18 year old getting married aside, what we're faced with here is trying to create a vegan wedding in the Midwestern United States (not super vegan friendly) with a similarly shocked family (the groom's family) who don't even know what the word "vegan" means.

We have the dress handled. Vintage 1960's beauty from a consignment shop. Can't get much more cruelty free than that. But I recently attempted to find a vegan wedding cake, and that was quite the experience. I was deeply surprised to find a local hotel that will create vegan entrees that appear to be delicious (haven't had the tasting yet), but they want you to bring in your own cake, and vegan wedding cakes aren't easily gotten in our neck of the woods. And you should have been there when we explained veganism to the groom's parents. Telling them that they need to fork over $19.00 per guest for a meal that doesn't include meat or dairy was...interesting.

So before I get too far afield, I'd like to hip you to a great new website:

It's the first of its kind, and as an experienced wedding blogger, I must say I am thrilled. And they even have a "vendors" page for you to peruse vegan and vegan friendly wedding service providers!! How awesome is that? So here's to love, to weddings, to cruelty free nuptials, and to the organic vegan wine which the mother of the bride will drink liberally on the wedding night. Cheers.

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  1. Carolyn
    Vote #1! What a great idea for an article! What a creative topic!
  2. SnakeWitch
    Nice touch here! Yes, I am sure that is the reaction my boyfriend's parents would have had, if they didn't know me well enough yet. OK, I'm not thinking wedding with my beau yet, but his side of the family has an extremely hard time understanding this sort of thing as well. To top it off, he's Colombian, we're living in Colombia, and vegan products are few and far between. Never seen a vegan bakery per se - although some restaurants offer vegan pastries - nor vegan catererers. It may end up being a nightmare here, too. Voted! Come take a look at my new article, The Delightful Poutine, and vote if you wish!
  3. LibbyTreats
    There is an AWESOME vegan bakery in Bethlehem, PA called Vegan Treats. Their cakes are divine, but I know they are outrageously expensive. You may want to check them out. They have a Facebook page too. Good luck!
    1. Kristin Barton
      Kristin Barton
      Thank you. As we are in Minnesota I'm just over here cringing thinking about having something like that delivered. Spendy if not impossible. But thank you.
      1. Veganara
        Vote no 3. Yes, I agree with Carolyn, it's a great idea for a blog post! Good luck with the wedding, and I hope you can find a good and affordable vegan wedding cake. I have just submitted a new post, The Alpha and the Omega: you may like to take a look at that. Nutritional advice!
        1. Kristin Barton
          Kristin Barton
          Thank you! Will do!
  4. Virtually Homemade
    Virtually Homemade
    Great info - hope the wedding goes well, young or not! Voted!
  5. evalovesbend
    Very interesting post! Voted. Check out my post the art of popsicles and vote if you like it:)


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