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Vegan Wedding Food Everyone On Your Guest List Will Love
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Vegan Wedding Food Everyone On Your Guest List Will Love

One of the biggest problems a vegan may run into when planning their big day is whether or not to provide a non-vegan option for certain family members to avoid an upset. While some vegans may be happy to provide another option if their family simply refuses to eat vegan food, it doesn’t quite make sense for a couple of ethical vegans to serve something they are against at an event celebrating their love for each other and the bond that they have.

My boyfriend and I are choosing to leave animals off the menu at our wedding. Not only our wedding, but for any event we host, whether it be a Christmas dinner or a cookout. Most would expect that from us. Why should we cook or buy food that we feel morally unjust eating? Why am I expected to prepare meat for people who are very much aware of my overall disdain for the idea of using animals for food?

Whether others look at me as dramatic or not, I truly can not imagine my ‘special day’ being celebrated by feasting on the flesh of sentient beings or their secretions. When I picture a special day, I’m not picturing a menu where there are some things I can eat and some things I can’t. I’m not asking my guests to sacrifice good tasting food, and I’ll be happy to provide them with an amazing vegan dinner. However if I have a friend or family member that feels they can not eat one meal that doesn’t contain any animal products, I will be glad to revoke their invitation.

This may come off as pettiness, but the fact of the matter is our wedding day is about my husband-to-be and I. It is not about the guests who attend. I will not put my beliefs on hold to make someone else comfortable or please a potential guest’s taste buds. Many people have a vision of what they would like their wedding day to look like. For me, I just want to be surrounded with the people I love and cherish, and I don’t want to have to worry about “my options” as I would on any other day. Many of my friends are vegans themselves, and with an entirely vegan menu it would accommodate to everyone.

Many of my meat-eating family members have tried my vegan dishes and liked them. The food that I will be providing may not contain meat or dairy, but it will be flavorful and tasty and it won’t leave anyone feeling lethargic and awful. To me, our wedding day is the perfect day to embrace the way that we live because it is a big part of what makes us who we are, individually and as a couple. The food at my wedding will be both cost-free and optional to everyone who gets to enjoy it, so to me, I don’t feel like it should be an issue for my friends and family to respect our wishes for our special day and just enjoy amazing, harmless, vegan food for a few hours. I have so many different ideas in mind, but these are some of my favorites.

Taco Bar Tacos are so easy to veganize. Things you could include in your taco bar include beans, potatoes, rice, veggies, vegan cheese shreds, meatless crumbles, and dairy-free sauces.

Pretzels and Beer You can make the pretzels from scratch, buy premade ones, or have them catered. Some beer contains fish bladder, gelatin, or honey, so that is important to look out for.

Personal Pizza Bar To have a personal pizza bar, you will need a crust, sauce, and toppings such as veggies, dairy-free cheese, meatless sausage or pepperoni, and pineapple, for those kind of people.

Pasta and Wine As well as with the beer, fish bladder or gelatin can be found in some wines, including Barefoot. Garlic breadsticks and pasta are always a good combination to accompany the wine.

Pancakes and Smoothies Pancakes are easy to make in large batches and they’re always a crowd pleaser. Add in a smoothie bar and you’re good to go.

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