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Vegan Travel: A First That Lasts
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Vegan Travel: A First That Lasts

Travel and vegan food always have a place in my heart.

The first time I traveled as a vegan was definitely an eye-opening learning experience. I want to share my unique encounter with culture and non-vegan people through my vegan travel hacks because it is the best way to educate vegans and non-vegans out there. 

Great triumphs happen when you step out of your comfort zone.

The first time I hit the road, I was mostly focused on the destination rather than the journey. I wanted to be more experimental than practical, and it had a huge weight on what took a toll on my adventure. 

As you take on and explore new places, you need to really plan out everything so you can overcome inconveniences. If you are committed to embracing your vegan lifestyle, you have to go through language barriers, culture shock, jet lag and food conversation nightmares.

I have gathered a few tips worth reading. Don’t hesitate to comment down below for questions and additional information you may add.

1. Research ahead of time.

Knowledge is power. Before you leave, comprehend carefully the destination where you’re going. Find out the staple food in that country and region. In addition, understand the local cuisine as much possible to find out the ingredients they use in their dishes. If you are taking your adventure to major cities, allow extra time for finding out the vegan stops around the area. The Internet is very accessible, so use it to your advantage.

Do not fall into the pits of leaving everything to chance. Believe me, it will make up so much of your time during your travel. Whereas if you are well-equipped, little to nothing could go wrong.

2. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Never make the mistake of thinking that everything is accessible to you. If possible, make arrangements in advance, to secure the availabilities of your preferred vegan food. The first time I went to South Korea, I thought I would simply see food everywhere. Well, I thought wrong.

3. Your plane ride doesn’t have to be dreadful.

Remember, you always have an option to pack your own food. Just figure out the longevity of your dish and you could always get assistance from flight attendants to reheat your packaged food.

The second option could be calling your airline at least 2 weeks in advance to ask for a vegan meal. I have learned that some airlines call it the “non-dairy vegetarian” choice. By calling, you will be able to ask them what makes up the food they are going to serve you.

4. Know the area where you will be staying.

Whtravelinging to a new place, you will absolutely be exposed to new sounds, sights and smells, which you have never experienced before. While it is an exciting venture to look forward to, allow yourself to find out more about the place where you are going. Be brave in exploring new things and adventures, but do not forget to plan everything ahead of time.

Photo credits to: Raw Mess

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  1. VeganWriter
    "Great triumphs happen when you step out of your comfort zone." I loved this article! :) Definitely a good read. :)
    1. CamilleRada
      Thank you so much!
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