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Vegan Stand up Comedian
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Vegan Stand up Comedian

Here's a new live video of me doing Vegan stand up comedy that I wanted to share with you all specifically on the Flaming Vegan site.  I know that we've all had our share of troubles and stresses as vegans, so I tried to illustrate some of those with comedy; and I figured that comedy is a good way to reach meat-eaters too.  If there are things we all can laugh about, omnivores, vegans and vegetarians, than maybe that's a start.  If we can get meat-eaters to see the silly side of eating-meat, and even poke fun at ourselves as vegans, than I figured that's a better way to reach people than just throwing boring research at them...  Let me know your thoughts.  Is comedy a good way to reach meat-eaters?  Or should we stick to the facts, ma'am!


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  1. pftsusan
    #3. I haven't been here in over four weeks. This video comedy link just stood right out in my email and hear I am to vote again. This is fantastic! And very funny! Not only that,the video specs where good. Loved it.
    1. Michael Anthony
      Michael Anthony
      Glad to hear you liked it! Thanks!
  2. Sue B The V
    Loved it! Well done!
  3. safiya3100
    I really enjoyed your comedy & feel that you represent vegans more accurately than the evangelical type. Well done, you have a gift.


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