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Vegan Spirituality
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Vegan Spirituality

I am not religious, I consider myself more of a spiritual person.  I enjoy learning about religions and I do believe in something bigger out there that connects us all.  Many people simply associate veganism with a diet choice but I have found that something more profound occurs.  After several conversations with other vegans, we agree that the choice to live more compassionately creates a sort of inner peace.  A spiritual balance, if you will.  It carries on to other aspects of our lives, as well.  We're less inclined to argue or be aggressive towards others.

I would like to believe that the world would be a better place if everyone chose to be kind to one another and the other beings that inhabit this planet.  It seems idealistic, I suppose but really, if someone can show kindness to those that are smaller than they are how could they not extend that to their fellow man?  It has a ripple effect.  Once others see the example you set, they may become inspired to do the same thing and so on.

Ellen DeGeneres made an interesting point while speaking about her journey to become vegan.  She said she didn't want to consume the flesh of animals who live a life of suffering then die with fear.  If you are what you eat, then would that fear and anxiety then transfer to you? Perhaps it does.  She also said she experienced less panic attacks and anxiety once she stopped consuming animals.  I think Russell Simmons also said something similar.  This brings me back to what I said about being connected to all life.

I often wonder why more religious people don't choose to live a life of compassion.  I would think if mankind is to have "dominion" over the animals, which I believe it states in the Bible, then shouldn't we take care of them?  We shouldn't be shoving them into crates or cages, keeping them locked up in horrid conditions, pumping them with anti-biotics, and creating an all-around unnatural and sad life just so we can eat.  We consume mass quantaties of animals that we don't need in order to sustain ourselves.  They weren't created to live that kind of life, we have done this to them.

I hope that with all the new information available on plant-based diets and all the attention it's receiving, others will understand the real benefits.  That it's not just about a diet or for those "crazy animal rights activists" but it's also beneficial for the soul.

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  1. Akanksha
    I loved this! couldn't agree more. I have seen myself change after going veg. I was never a 'crazy animal rights activist', I only loved them for food..but yes leaving them alone does leave me in a better state of mind. And that is not it..I lost extra weight too!
    1. SnakeWitch
      I agree that he weight loss is a very welcome bonus!
  2. parneesha211
  3. SnakeWitch
    I agree. They don't think about this, and to tell you the truth, I blame the Bible. It's actually mentioned that animals were put on the Earth to be our slaves - or some say, anyways - therefore it's OK to treat them like that. I agree it's bullshit, but that's what I've heard before. What more, I've seen several highly religious people who listened to me speaking about my choice and although didn't actually go so far as laugh, seemed to think that I was just immature and didn't understand life. One was a nun. Hard to believe, but yes, this is the oxymoron of religion. On a lighter note, I compiled jokes in my latest article. Hope you enjoy!
    1. dianabart
      The Bible is not the problem - It is a double-minded mind! We need to submit to a higher power to even remotely understand scriptures. It is not up to us to figure it out.. but when we allow our carnal thoughts and misguided hearts desires to die (dying to self/ Ego) and allowing God to show us HIS thoughts and ways.. this is when His word comes alive. That is the difference in religion and relationship (spirituality). Like I said to Kate, Most people do not understand God's "TRUE NATURE!" and that is LOVE for all HIS creation, Dominion means to "care for with LOVE and compassion- not to hurt and destroy God's creation!" It comes down to a mindset and heart condition. WE are programmed to harden our heart towards many things in life, this is a HUGE one, it's been programmed into our 'human- nature", but it is living out of 'carnality' that harms the inner spirit man to this truth! - and you are all correct- it is RELIGION that is responsible for this! -God interprets His word... the stories and such are just that- He is showing us what we did, will do and What He has done and what He will accomplish! It's not about selfishness- but LOVE. :-) Heading over to read about your humor! ;-)
  4. Veganara
    Voted. Brilliant blog, 100% agree. Like you, I am not religious, but quite spiritual. I used to think those terms were interchangeable, but I have realised now that they are not. I believe in souls, and a life after death (from personal experience, not from religjous dogma) but not in the mindless, unquestioning hand-me-down rules of religjon. If you are spiritual and following what in your heart and soul believes to be right, you could never agree with a lot of the dictates of certain religions. They often oppress all living creatures, humans and animals alike. Spirituality is different; it is transcending the physical body and the ego, which means that you can't then be selfish and mistreat animals and people.
  5. Kate Noel
    Kate Noel
    Thanks everyone for your comments and votes! It's nice to hear others' perspectives on this. It's something I've been thinking about quite a bit lately.
  6. dianabart
    You are right on girl. I am a Christian Vegan minister.. talk about people not understanding the word, "DOMINION!" It is a sad fact that many Christians are not properly administering the word of God. Dominion means to "care for with LOVE and compassion- not to hurt and destroy God's creation!" It comes down to a mindset and heart condition. WE are programmed to harden our heart towards many things in life, this is a HUGE one, it's been programmed into our 'human- nature", but it is living out of 'carnality' that harms the inner spirit man to this truth! God is an all LOVING God,, whom created us all to be vegetarians.. He does not judge us according to our diets.. Eating animals or not does not affect our salvation and the word of God makes this clear.. however, many Christians give God, His word and his purpose to take dominion over the animals a BAD NAME! It is clear also that if we understand the "TRUE NATURE of GOD' and study out His word with HIS insight, understanding and compassion, (and not our own carnal desires) then we would realize that what God created in the beginning is what will be in the end.. and it is HIS most perfect desire that we live in peace with one-another (including ALL the animals)- by what HE accomplished at the cross.; He died for our sins.. and what was the first sin??-We ate what we were told not to eat! Eating has been our downfall since the beginning of time! LOL His word is also clear that when He returns we will all once again be vegetarians, the world will be covered with His complete knowledge (including His all compassing compassion for all HIS creation!) - even the all the animals will be vegetarian once again, just as it was in the perfect beginning- in the Garden of Eden. :-) voted and shared! " They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea." Isa 11:9
    1. Kate Noel
      Kate Noel
      Thanks for voting and sharing! I love what you're saying. I always wonder why so many don't feel more connected to the other beings of this planet. I also don't understand why "dominion" is so misinterpreted. It makes me sad all around. Sad for those who feel that way and sad for the animals.
  7. BuddhasDelight
    wonderful, succinct, eloquently stated article that got straight to my heart. i hear you and see you and man, you flamingveganers are inspiring to write a full account of my own veggie journey, which i have never done before. i think i need to, we all do, so many can benefit from our sharing and speaking up for the animals. bless you! voted! :)
    1. BuddhasDelight
      meant, inspiring me to write...
      1. Kate Noel
        Kate Noel
        Thank you so much! I am glad it played a part in inspiring you to share your journey. I have enjoyed hearing everyone's thoughts on this. :)
        1. BuddhasDelight
          absolutely! and thank you! ;)
  8. Virtually Homemade
    Virtually Homemade
    Very interesting point of view and ideas. I really enjoyed this post. Voted. Check out my cantaloupe Popsicle recipe and vote if you like!
    1. Kate Noel
      Kate Noel
      Thank you! I will check out your recipe, though, I see it made top post already. Congrats!


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