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Vegan Potlucks Are on the Rise
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Vegan Potlucks Are on the Rise

If you’ve never been to one then you are definitely missing out. Vegan potlucks are on the rise thanks to one man, whose experience that changed his life forever, and two very special vegan groups. Potlucks have always been a popular event around the world, but vegan potlucks are quickly on the rise.

A Vegan Potluck Community from Chennai

“For the last 13 years, I have been a strict vegan, which means I refuse to consume foods that are made with animal products. However, veganism doesn’t just mean that I have to alter my dietary habits. It also means that I’m living a life that is voluntarily free of cruelty against animals.”

Niranjan Amarnath witnessed a butcher drag a lamb to the slaughterhouse across a road. During this scene, the lamb was choked and made to nearly scream from the suffering that it was put through. With this gruesome scene forever burned into his brain, Amarnath vowed that he would never eat another animal again.

Amarnath quickly turned to living a vegan lifestyle soon after and has continued to this day. From there, he joined a Facebook page specifically for vegans to share their experiences and stories.

Vegan in Chennai

Those who are looking to join the vegan lifestyle and want advice and tips on how to be successful are guided by Vegan in Chennai. The group hosts one very special event 4 times per year in order to bring both beginner and veteran vegans together for the purpose of connecting and coming together.

Amarnath joined Vegan in Chennai to connect with other vegans like himself. In total, Vegan in Chennai has over 1000 members that recently partnered with Veg Voyages for a vegan potluck event. In total, 45 people that came from both of the groups attended the special dinner in celebration of their vegan lifestyle. Thanks to these dedicated groups and individuals, vegan potlucks are on the rise.

Veg Voyages organizes up to 23 tours that travel to multiple countries through the coming years. The head organizer of Veg Voyages’ tour that is taking place in 2018 in South India, Zac Lovas, had this to say:

“We initially touched base with Vegan in Chennai for the purpose of organizing an event to expand the knowledge and lifestyle of veganism, to meet new people, and much more. This is all followed by the difficult cultures exploring different vegan cuisines based on regions firsthand. We started out with only 15 people onboard, but our numbers are rapidly growing”.

The Rise of Veganism

“We have groups of people that come from all different walks of life. These potluck sessions for the last five years have proven successful, through shared recipes, discussions and debates on the subject, and new friends”, Amarnath commented.

Thanks to the dedication of Vegan in Chennai, Veg Voyages, Niranjan Amarnath, and the multiple groups of vegans who support and attend these events, it’s very clear that vegan potlucks are on the rise. The organized and expected tours thus far, for one, are undeniable proof of this.

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