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Vegan Pho (Vietnamese Rice Noodle Soup)
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Vegan Pho (Vietnamese Rice Noodle Soup)

When I used to eat meat (and was ignorant), I loved going to Vietnamese restaurants for pho. For those who have not heard of pho, it is a beef noodle soup that is served with fresh herbs in massive bowls. This soup is often inexpensive and full of sweet spices like cinnamon and star anise and it is these spices that give the soup its magic. So why use bones in the first place? No need! EVER! Leave the bones inside the animal please.

This version has the same spice mix as beef pho, but is made from a simple onion-garlic-ginger based broth.


8-10 cups water (basically fill your entire soup pot)

1 onion, diced

6-8 garlic cloves, minced

1 tbsp ginger, minced

3 star anise pods

2 cinnamon sticks

Dash of soy sauce

1 tsp black pepper

salt (to taste)


1 package thick rice noodles

1 package fried tofu or vegan meatballs (pictured – they are seitan)

1 cup bean sprouts

2 scallions, chopped

Fresh basil, mint and cilantro (to taste)

1 lime, squeezed

Water for soaking the rice noodles.

optional – hoisin, and hot sauce such as sriracha or sambal.


In a large soup pot, boil all the broth ingredients over medium heat for half an hour. Remove from heat, and strain out the onion and herbs into a large bowl. Save the liquid and do whatever you want with the solids. Compost? An experimental snack? Hmmm….

In a separate bowl, pour 1 kettle of boiling water over the rice noodles and steep for approximately 8-10 minutes until soft, drain and set aside.

Now its time to have some fun!


In a large bowl (huge even) place a generous helping of rice noodles, seitan (or tofu) bean sprouts, scallions and herbs. Pour broth overtop until all is submerged.

Serve with fresh lime and the optional condiments.

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  1. Akanksha
    Wow.. I wish we had the option to upload a few portions of the recipes too!!! I love the mix..specially star anise.
    1. SnakeWitch
      LOL Don't we all - for most of the recipes on this site?? Yum! Send me one, too!
  2. SnakeWitch
    I like to use the strained remains in creamed soups or spaghetti sauce. Anything that you want to give it an extra thick consistency and a bit of flavour. Experimental snack? I'll leave that up to you! Voted! Your soup looks great. I generally use either tofu or mushrooms in the soup, and either miso or mushroom broth for the base. Yours is another version that looks just as good as mine.
  3. Veganara
    Voted. It looks and sounds wonderful, just my sort of thing! I believe they actually eat this for breakfast in Vietnam, don't they?! Or something similar! I couldn't manage a bowl of this in the morning, but for lunch or dinner, definitely!
    1. kristo
      Thats right! I went to a Vietnamese restaurant with a Vietnamese friend for dinner once and she thought it was strange that I ordered pho because "that's breakfast food."
  4. No Name
    Wow this sound so good. I like to cook in the wok a lot and this one sounds so good to make. But right now it is summer and a little hot to make a soup. Will wait a few months and try this one. You might like to have a taste of Mango Madness Jam that I posted here. I have voted and if you like some good home cooked jam please check out my recipe too. Thanks and I have copied this to make it in a few months when our winter comes here.
  5. Shabs Online
    Shabs Online
    Vietnamese Vegan Pho.......sounds interesting...mus b too delish! Voted! :)


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