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Vegan Pest Control for Your Garden
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Vegan Pest Control for Your Garden

Organic gardening is an escape from the chemically produced veggies and a pass for healthy and delicious living. Enjoying fruits or vegetables from your own garden is the best possible treat, but growing vegetables is not as easy as it seems to be. There are many pests which might attack your vegetable garden to munch on their favorite crop.

Pests are really annoying; eating your plants, destroying your crops, spreading out to your entire garden and even getting into your house. The easiest possible way of getting rid of them is by spraying pesticides on them. Spraying pesticides should help to a certain extent, but the harm caused to the environment and our health is immense.

Vegan pest control is a cruelty-free and environment friendly way. It emphasizes the use of your energy in growing conditions rather than investing your energy in fighting off with pests.

When you start planning to have your own vegetable organic garden, then start working on building raised garden beds for your vegetables. Stock lumber or second hand cement blocks can be used for building up these beds. These raised beds can help you in many ways.First of all, it deters many animals from entering your vegetable garden, e.g. rabbits hesitate in leaving the ground level and enter a raised bed as they might be highly visible from there. Snails and slugs also don’t prefer crawling up. These beds also help in keeping the area weed free and the soil warmer. These raised beds can also be made from recycled tin and old bricks, making them an inexpensive option to preserve your garden. Don’t forget to build up the pathways to these raised beds as narrow as possible. The pathways should be just a foot-length wide. This shall again make some pests feel that they are highly visible to their predators and therefore they are going to avoid entering your garden.

A healthy garden may put an end to many of your pest problems. Pests are a part of our ecosystem they are helpful in some ways or another, but excess of them is what creates problems. So, through a vegan-organic procedure we are not interfering with the cycle of nature and still getting rid of these little destroyers just by opting for a well kept garden free from toxic elements. Image Source: Gardening Studio

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