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Vegan Pastry Products: That's Jus' How I Roll!
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Vegan Pastry Products: That's Jus' How I Roll!

I have discovered recently just how much I love the Jus' Rol brand of  pastry/baking products, most of which are vegan. Hurray! I already knew that their ready-made pastry was vegan, as I buy it now and then to make pies, tarts, etc. But there is a whole load more to their range than that! I heard from someone that the Jus' Rol croissants are vegan, which I was really pleased to hear, as normal croissants are made with butter, and I did miss croissants somewhat. So I was delighted to find some of these in my local supermarket. They come in a tin, in a sheet of uncooked dough, divided into six pieces. You separate the pieces, fold them into croissants (a little bit tricky – I haven't mastered the perfect crescent shape yet!) and bake in the oven. Then, within about half an hour, you get delicious golden pastries, fresh from the oven. Mmmmm!

The croissants started me off sampling all the other delectable products in the range, which were also there at my supermarket, so I have now tried almost all of them.  Even better than the croissants, they also do Pain au Chocolats. It's the same principle, of taking uncooked dough from packet, and forming into shapes for cooking (after inserting chocolate sticks. It's dark chocolate, so definitely dairy-free!) These are easier to make than the croissants actually, and even more delicious!

I have also tried the Pizza Bases, which come with a container of seasoned tomato sauce to spread over the base. You then just add your own toppings and cook in the oven, and a very tasty crust it makes too. There is also the Focaccia (Italian bread/pastry made with olive oil and rosemary). Again, it comes with the herbs and olive oil, which you just sprinkle over before cooking. It's a very toothsome savoury treat, as an alternative to the usual bread. They also do vol-au-vent cases, etc., which I have not yet tried, but which sound ideal for party food.

I have checked on their website, and it appears that the only products in the range which are non-vegan are the ones labelled "Butter Pastry". There are about three different types, but they are quite easily avoided by us, since the rest of their ready-rolled pastry is vegan. So, I am quite excited to have discovered all these new treats lately. (It's just a shame they are not very healthy! But a little of what you fancy does you good, I always say!)

PS: I am not on some kind of commission from Jus'Rol, to promote their products!


Image courtesy of Flickr creative commons.

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  1. lorraine
    Vote :) Wow I hadn't realised they had so many vegan products on offer. Will definitely hunt out the pain au chocolates and croissants next time I'm in the supermarket. Thanks, Lorraine :)
  2. alexandra bezerra
    Hi Veganara!..too bad this product is put out by General Mills, their parent company....
    1. Veganara
      I don't know about General Mills Alexandra - can you tell me more? I am assuming this is some very unethical company, which is mostly not vegan-friendly. Unfortunately that applies to so many vegan food products that we eat anyway. I gather that a certain soy milk brand, it could be Alpro, is owned by United Dairies. How can we avoid all products that are in any way connected to businesses that go against the vegan ethos though? We can't. We can only try to avoid animal products and push for change constantly. If you know of any vegan pastry products that are completely principled though, please let me know the name!
      1. tandalaya
        Yes Veganara, It is me Alex....General Mills is a big company here in the US ..they put out many products..there are sites with only vegan products and cruelty free health and beauty are right..we cannot know about all products..we can only make the best decision possible for our situation..I guess it comes down to the lesser of all evils in what we purchase and is definitely a challenge...we can only be as well informed as in point...I recently found out about a daily vitamin for women and was excited about it after reading the label...when I contacted the company I was saddened because after the product specialist went over every ingredient with me it was found out that one of the ingredients was from derived from the wool of live shorn sheep...I chose not to purchase it..also...I found out certain beauty products I purchased had the statement "finished product not tested on animals"..but many of the ingredients were and/animal derived..keep researching! we always need to make the best informed choice!..peace!!!!
  3. deepam
    voted for making my mouth water, thanks. Have a nice day
  4. LiveHealthyNow
    Thank you for sharing, i learned a lot I hope you enjoy my psot


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