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Vegan Options and Sales Are on the Rise
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Vegan Options and Sales Are on the Rise

Vegetarianism and veganism are quickly gaining speed in today’s society, so restaurants and brands are having to go the extra mile to ensure that they stay relevant. Vegan options and sales are on the rise, with more choosing to go vegetarian or animal-free completely.

The Movement Behind the Changes

Last year, a survey was published by the British Social Attitudes, who found that nearly half of Britain are cutting back on their consumption of meat. Another showed that those who are now defining themselves and switching to a vegan diet have soared over 300 percent within the last ten years.

There are two main reasons as to why vegan options and sales are on the rise. First, worries over animal welfare is the main factor here, while the second is the concerns that were raised by the World Health Organization in regard to red meat consumption being linked to cancer.

Hollywood actor Liam Hemsworth had this to say on the topic of veganism:

“Once I saw what is done to animals in the meat and dairy industry, I couldn’t eat meat anymore. There are literally no negatives to a vegan diet. I feel positive both physically and mentally, and I love it. I feel like it’s having somewhat of a domino effect in my life, like everything is falling into place better.”

Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt, Russell Martin, David Haye and Serena Williams are just a few of many examples where celebrities and sports stars have chosen an animal-free dietary lifestyle.

Restaurants and Brands Making the Changes

In fact, supermarket sales where vegan foods are concerned have gone up within the last year by nearly a hundred percent. Hellmann’s, the big mayonnaise brand we all know and love, have even introduced a vegan mayonnaise that is made without the use of eggs to ensure they have an animal-free product to choose from.

Unilever, the popular food giant most know by name, have even begun the process of introducing a vegetarian logo on approximately 500 of their brands, including Knorr, Flora, and Hellmann’s, especially. Alpro Almond Milk sales have gone up by 2000 percent since 2015 following hundreds of people switching to a dairy-free alternative.

One spokesperson from Unilever had this to say on the decision:

“This decision and process has marked a great shift in the direction of showcasing the brands that are suitable for vegetarians. It’s, therefore, essential that we make the necessary changes to meet the high demand when it comes to plant-based eating.”

Multiple restaurants in London alone have begun to make the necessary changes. For example, Leon, a big restaurant in London, have introduced multiple vegan options throughout their 46 outlets around the city.

Las Iguanas, another popular London restaurant, has appealed to over 3 million vegetarians thus far. They have offered more options that are free of meat to cater to their many guests, including celebrities who visit quite often.

The Rise of Vegetarianism and Veganism

Considering vegan options and sales are on the rise, restaurants and brands are making the necessary changes to accommodate everyone with animal-free products. So far business is booming, and that’s not expected to change.

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