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Vegan Nutrition, Pure and Simple
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Vegan Nutrition, Pure and Simple

Dr. Michael Klaper, M.D.'s book, "Vegan Nutrition, Pure and Simple," is a wonderful book filled with helpful information and delicious recipes that will help anyone adapt a healthy plant-based vegan diet and lifestyle.  I was fortunate enough to be introduced to and read the book when I volunteered my writing abilities for Vegetarian Society, Inc., in Los Angeles, CA.  I had heard of the book prior to my volunteer work, but I didn't have the opportunity to thoroughly read it.  I was grateful for the opportunity and I enjoyed reading it. 

Dr. Michael Klaper, M.D. is a wonderful physician who realized at an early time in his career that Americans eat a strategically annihilating diet, rich in meat and dairy. It is a major contributor to heart disease and many degenerative diseases.  I watched a video of Dr. Klaper telling his story and interviewing people who ate this way and I was profoundly inspired.  I was fortunate enough to already have adapted a healthy vegan diet and lifestyle. I literally cried with gratitude that I woke up at a young age. 

Dr. Klaper and many wise renegade physicians who are members of the PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) have awakened to the realization that a diet heavy in animal fat and protein does not contribute to good health. A healthy, ligh,t low-fat plant-based diet makes more sense and is much, much smarter.

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