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Vegan Month is November
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Vegan Month is November

November, which is World Vegan Month, is just around the corner. This is a great time to start planning activities that have veganism as a theme. What will you be doing? There is a wide variety of things that everyone can do.

First, anyone who isn't vegan yet can start preparing to stop consuming any animal by-products as of World Vegan Day, which is November 1st. Or, for those who are not quite yet ready to make a full commitment, that day can also be the start of a large reduction in dairy, eggs, fish, honey or whatever you have left that you are consuming that isn't vegan.

If you are already vegan, then of course the diet isn't where you would make a change. You can take part in activities hosted by your local vegetarian and/or vegan organisation. Click here for some of these activities, or here for a few others.

Better yet, why not create your own activity? The same organisations that are advertising activities can inspire you to host an afternoon, an evening or a meal. Here is a list of my own ideas that you can start preparing to inform those around you about the benefits of veganism:

1- The at-home parents that can take a day to go to their child's school can take advantage of the lunch hour and serve your child's class a lunch. If money is an issue, ask the teacher to help out, or send a letter home with each child to ask their parents to chip in - either a must for the kids to eat the lunch, or on a volunteer basis so no child is left out. Alternately, if making a full lunch is not possible, teach the kids to make an easy and fun snack that doesn't require cooking, such as trail mix, all the while telling them why this is a wonderful option.

2- For those who work, you can invite everyone to a vegan put-lock. If everyone just tries to make one vegan dish and you eat together, all the while talking about the benefits of a vegan diet, not only will you enjoy a great lunch, but you might just make a few friends.

3- Invite all your friends for a vegan BBQ for those who live in an area where the weather is still good for outdoor cooking. If not, make a great and fun meal indoors.

4- Print out and pass flyers to those who want to learn more either on the streets or to your friends and family. Of course, I suggest that you should only talk to those who will listen, or else they will be annoyed. Make it fun by ending the talk with a game where the winner receives a small gift or a snack (vegan, of course!).

5- Create a monthly 'veg-talk' group for people who would like to learn more, but don't know where to look or just want to talk about it with someone they know. The purpose is not to make them vegan right away. This would be to get them to start learning and slowly get into the vegan beat. You can call it the 'carnivore-anonymous' group!

6- Join an organisation and start doing activism. Or just donate, and make November 1st your first payment date.

7- Are your family members not all vegans? Ask them to give up just one item - just one - and replace it with a vegan item. Whether it is their leather pants or a regular craving for a large bowl of ice cream, make it count. Offer them a few options as alternatives to make it easier for them.

8- Promote a business that chose to sell vegan and/or cruelty free products. If a farm near you just stopped keeping their chickens in cages, tell people about it. Love a vegan beauty product? Boast its benefits to your co-workers and, if you can, bring them samples.

9- Invite everyone you can to join The Flaming Vegan! Even if they only just glimpse at the articles, it's a start!

10- Take a nutrition class and become active in promoting veganism through a healthy diet. By knowing the details, you will have much more chances of getting people to listen to you!

Do you have any other ideas? Please tell me as I would love to hear them!


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  1. Akanksha
    Firstly, welcome to TFV Anita :) I liked your pot-luck idea. In fact, I was planning a treat at a restaurant with my friends. I just got the idea of cooking something vegan at home and inviting them over to my place. Thanks!
  2. Veganara
    Voted. There are some great ideas here! I must admit, I didn't know November was World nVegan Month, so thanks for alerting me to that fact! You might be interested in my latest blog Herbs for Harmony, and if you like it, please vote!
  3. Carolyn
    And there is Meatless Mondays! Vote #7!
  4. VeganGeorgiaBelle
    Welcome! I love these wonderful ideas. My birthday is in the month of November so as a birthday gift I'm asking friends to go vegan for a day. I'm also making my own vegan cake. These are great ideas! A vote of course!
    1. Anita Vegana
      That's a good idea. Do activities all day together and go to vegan restaurants for lunch and dinner. Or do a potluck meal for your birthday! This is something I didn't think of. I think I will start asking people to spend a 'vegan' day with me for my next birthday! Or, if they can't spend the day with me, ask them to be vegan for a day. It's not much.


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