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Vegan Methods of Protecting Your Garden from Pests
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Vegan Methods of Protecting Your Garden from Pests

Prepared vegan food is often expensive, but if you have the time to garden, growing your own food is a great way to save money. Many of us plan on gardening, but get lost in the details and never start. This year, I finally bought a couple of plants to grow in individual containers, and since it’s gone well (I recently got my first harvest of kale!), I definitely plan on expanding to a raised bed next year.

One challenge I’ve met with gardening is pest control. I knew I wasn’t going to use chemicals to keep bugs off my plants, but when I started seeing holes in my leaves, I needed to do something. Below are some natural methods of keeping bugs away from your garden plants.

Companion Planting

Since insects are so small, their systems can easily be overwhelmed by certain scents and compounds. This means there are certain plants that bugs just don’t like, and they stay away from. These include mint, oregano, sage, lavender, and basil. Planting herbs like these around your other produce is a great natural way to keep bugs at bay. You can find lots of information online about growing an organic companion garden.

Know your Enemy

Know what type of insects are usually attracted to the plants you are growing. Pay attention to the bugs you find in your garden. Then you can find out if there are certain plants that repel them. It’s pretty common knowledge that ants will do anything they can to avoid crossing a line of chalk or cinnamon. Other bugs have similar hesitancies.


If you don’t want bugs eating your produce, you might need to give them something else to eat. This could come in the form of planting “throwaway” plants that attract bugs and keep them in one area. This can be done affordably by using extra seeds or those suffering discount plants you see at certain times in the season at farmers markets.

Another way to compromise with your insect invaders is to have an open compost pile or bin. Bugs will flock to it and have plenty to feed on, and you’ll have organic material for your garden. It’s a win-win! You can also throw orange peels and other food waste on the ground away from your plants to use as a decoy.

These are only a few methods for keeping insects away from your home-grown goods without resorting to violence and dangerous chemicals. Have you had any luck repelling or coexisting with garden pests? Share in the comments!


Photo Source: Pixabay

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