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Vegan Medicines: Safe, Effective Solutions for Your Lifestyle
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Vegan Medicines: Safe, Effective Solutions for Your Lifestyle

For those who live the vegan lifestyle, there can be many hurdles to overcome. One of these involves medications, which sooner or later will be needed to overcome an unexpected illness. However, since vegans only use products that are animal-free, finding medications can be difficult. But with some research and persistence, it’s possible to find vegan-friendly medicines that are safe and effective.

Over-the-Counter Medications

Despite what people may believe, there are many common over-the-counter medications that appear to contain no animal ingredients, making them suitable for vegans to take. Whether you need pain relief, cough or cold medicine, or medications to aid in the digestive process, you can find a vegan-friendly OTC medication to help you feel better. Some of the most common include Bayer Aspro Clear tablets, Beechams Flu Plus Caplets, Alka Seltzer, and Tums.

Electric Mixers

To ensure medications are manufactured correctly, pharmaceutical companies need specialized electric mixers to use in their labs. These can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all designed to serve various functions depending upon the type of medication being manufactured. For example, three-dimensional swing mixers from places like Arrow Mixing Products are used for mixing dry powder quickly and evenly, especially when several kinds of materials of different proportions are needed.

Another type of electric mixer is a cone mixer, which also mixes dry powders needed for medications, but does so very quickly and has nozzles that can be added to allow liquids to be mixed in with the powder.

Homemade Medications

For those who feel more comfortable creating homemade medications, there are many vegan options that will conquer the toughest of colds or other illnesses. One of the most popular is sage tea, which is supposed to be great relief for sore throats. Along with this, echinacea tea is also quite effective when it comes to colds, often reducing their duration by up to four days.

If in Doubt, Ask

If you find an OTC medication or prescription medication that you think will work but aren’t sure if it is vegan-friendly, always ask your doctor or pharmacist. For example, most medications contain traditional gelatin, which is made from animals. However, more and more medications are now using gelatin known as agar agar, which is derived from seaweed. However, it’s usually listed in the ingredients as simply gelatin, so always ask if in doubt.

By being persistent and doing some research on your own, finding vegan-friendly medicines to suit your lifestyle may be easier than you imagined.

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