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Vegan Life = Better Ecological Footprint
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Vegan Life = Better Ecological Footprint

Many often talk about how being vegan has numerous personal benefits, and the nutritional health boost it gives to the human body. While it is true that there are tremendous advantages to being vegan, many forget to spread information about how profoundly it benefits the environment. What do I mean by environment? Well, becoming vegan not only improves your health, it also generally results in a lower cumulative ecological footprint.

An ecological footprint measures the land and water needed to support your daily intake of food, goods, housing, and energy. By living vegan, you will substantially reduce your ecological footprint compared to someone that routinely eats significantly higher on the food chain.

Ways to reduce your ecological footprint:

(1) Try buying products made by local producers.

(2) Shop at the farmer's market.

(3) Do not buy fruits that come in plastic packages.

(4) Drink water from the tap (with a filter if warranted), and not purchased in individual plastic bottles.

(5) Buy organic food and other products.

Though going vegan may seem to be a difficult change, you are allowed to make mistakes and start your healthy journey again and again. By eating healthy and buying certain eco-friendly products, you are protecting your health while taking a whole lot easier on your natural environment.




*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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