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Vegan Ice Cream Soda
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Vegan Ice Cream Soda

A perfect drink for a hot summer day is an ice cream soda, which is a mixture of soda and ice cream. Once considered a drink for two sweethearts to share, it now is just another ice cream treat. It has different versions, depending on the ingredients used in each ice cream soda version, which include Chocolate ice cream soda, Root Beer Float, Boston Cooler, Butterbeer, Snow White, Purple Cow, Sherbet Cooler, Vaca Preta or Black Cow, Brown Cow, and Vaca Dourada or Golden Cow.

Basic ingredients include:

One or two scoops of Vegan vanilla ice cream.

Soda, whether Ginger Ale, 7-UP, seltzer water, mineral water, plain soda, root beer, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, Guarana soda, or any other soda flavor that you prefer. (Or, you can just use carbonated water with a particular flavor of syrup. Popular syrup choices are chocolate and vanilla.)

Vegan Whipped Cream, Maraschino Cherry, and 1 ounce of syrup flavor for topping, if they are required for the particular ice cream soda that you are making.

The traditional ice cream soda includes just vanilla ice cream and soda. Get a tall glass, and place one or two scoops of Vegan vanilla ice cream inside. Pour your choice of soda, whether plain soda or flavored soda, into the glass until the ice cream foam rises on top of the glass. Place a straw in your glass, and enjoy your refreshing drink.

Instead of vanilla ice cream, you can also use sherbet. Then, add seltzer water and vanilla syrup. Other ice cream soda versions include adding Vegan whipped cream before adding one cherry on top. Depending on the ice cream soda flavor that you want to create, add the appropriate syrup flavor of that ice cream soda on top of the whipped cream. Chocolate ice cream soda and Sherbet Cooler include a flavored syrup in its ingredients, whether chocolate syrup or vanilla syrup. But the other ice cream sodas include vanilla ice cream and a particular soda flavor. Some ice cream sodas might include chocolate ice cream or butterscotch ice cream.

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  1. SnakeWitch
    My parents think that this sort of drink is gross. They would gag every time my brother and I made our usual Root Beer and whatever flavour we wanted (often a crazy mix like strawberry or chocolate) of ice cream and down it. Voted! I also have another article, BBQs for Vegans 101. Check it out!


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