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Vegan Food on the Rise in Spain!
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Vegan Food on the Rise in Spain!

It’s always great to hear that more people are embracing a vegan diet while ditching their meat-loving tendencies.

It seems that this is happening in Spain, where vegetarianism and veganism are both increasing. Since 2011, there has been a rise in vegan restaurants all over the country. A few years ago, The Happy Cow vegetarian website listed 353 vegetarian or vegan restaurants in the country, but this year the number has increased to 686.

This is quite a big move towards veganism, as Spain has been regarded as a meat-focused country which wasn’t easy terrain for vegan travellers.

Hopefully all that is starting to change. However, there are other countries where it is difficult for vegans to be accommodated, such as France, Argentina and others. Check out the 13 Worst Countries to Visit as a Vegan for the full list. 

If you do find yourself travelling to a country that isn’t very big on vegan foods, how will you manage? Here are some tips:

  • 1. Carry resources that you can use to explain to people what it means to be vegan. A book that can help you is the Vegan Passport. It has information in 40 different languages so that you can give people, such as the waiter of a restaurant, information to help them understand you. 
  • 2. Try to cook while you are visiting another country. Although this might at first seem to be a mission, it doesn’t have to be. Visit food markets where you can purchase supplies, then try your hand at vegan variations on popular meals. It can become something fun you do with friends! 
  • 3. If you’re invited to a restaurant where meat is the main food, check out the side dishes or appetizers where vegan foods usually hide. At business meetings or catered events, ask for vegan alternatives to what is served as this is usually offered. 


*Image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

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    Some really good ideas. Voted
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