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Vegan Diet & Lifestyle Prevent Breast Cancer?
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Vegan Diet & Lifestyle Prevent Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer, despite advances in drug therapy and a drop in death rates over the last decade, is still a big killer worldwide. Around one in every eight women and one in a thousand men will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some time in their lives. The usual treatments on offer for breast cancer are chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery including full or partial mastectomies. These treatments are harsh and extremely debilitating both physically and mentally and can actually trigger other diseases; at best they treat the symptom rather than the cause of the cancer.

Recent research however suggests that diet and lifestyle changes can actually prevent and even reverse the disease without the need for conventional treatments and therapy. Cancer cells do not thrive in an oxygen-rich, alkaline environment. This can be created by using a combination of natural juices, nutrition and herbs. Detox of the body is also beneficial. One breast cancer sufferer decided to put the theory into practice. Her diet consisted of raw fruit and vegetables, almonds, raisins, fresh juice and water. She avoided all processed and cooked foods and in this way effectively stabilized the acid:alkaline balance in her body. Herbs were also included in the diet.

Miraculously, the tumor began to shrink in the absence of traditional therapy or drugs and ultimately disappeared altogether. Clearly it is dangerous to assume that this course of action would work for every cancer sufferer. It may be that the cancer disappeared for other unknown reasons unrelated to diet and the medical profession is skeptical of the woman’s claims. Interestingly however, statistics do show that the incidence of cancers amongst vegans who are also non-smokers and who follow a healthy lifestyle is lower than average.

Could it be that certain types of cancers can be prevented, managed and even cured through such extreme veganism? Alternative healing has long been advocated in the Far East and in times before medical science sought to intervene. Indeed, human remains from Egyptian burials have revealed evidence of extensive and successful forms of surgery without anesthetic or antibiotics.

Perhaps we should be less skeptical of natural medicine. Surely it could not be the case that pharmaceutical giants and governments with their sights set firmly on feathering their own nests would seek to railroad us through healthcare systems whose sole objective is to make money from disease and suffering?

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  1. deepam
    yes it can alleviate diseases. Mudras from yoga, that is formations of fingers also help alleviating negative energy and helps induce healing process
  2. pftsusan
    Thank you for sharing. So true. Voted. I invite to read my new one on Keeping Colds and the Common Flu at Bay. Please vote if you like it. I just added you to my bloggers over here because I like your posts.
  3. Melissa Nott
    Melissa Nott
    Interesting post! I wonder if, conversely, the foods that vegans eliminate could actually be the cause of some types of cancer?


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