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Vegan Diet Keeps Former Bodybuilder Looking Great At 78!
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Vegan Diet Keeps Former Bodybuilder Looking Great At 78!

Veganism has not traditionally been associated with images of muscle-bound hunks and fitness fanatics. However, PETA, the animal rights pressure group has recently sought to change that by releasing an advert in support of veganism that features a picture of 78 year old former bodybuilder, Jim Morris.

In his competitive bodybuilding days, long-time vegan Morris has competed against notables such as Arnold Schwarzenegger. Although no longer quite as bulked-up, Jim’s still in fantastic shape. In his latest publicity shot, he’s shown posing nude aping the Rodin statue, The Thinker, and looking incredibly muscular and fit.  Jim became a vegan after 1985 when he retired and says that his health and fitness levels have never been better thanks to a meat and dairy-free diet.

Jim says that previous to his transition, he was always eating products laden with animal fats as part of his diet. As a result, he suffered from many digestive and other health problems.  He’s adamant that without his conversion to veganism he would not be in the amazing condition he’s in now, and in fact he might not even be here at all. 

PETA hopes that the advert will encourage people who worry about their physical shape and health to give veganism a try. Perhaps future campaigns will feature celebrity vegans such as Canadian singer-songwriter, Bryan Adams, US TV host Ellen DeGeneres, actress Dianne Keaton and politician Al Gore?

Contrary to popular belief, the vegan diet is anything but boring. You don’t have to live on tofu and rice. A quick tour through the recipes here on The Flaming Vegan will keep you inspired for weeks!

The PETA ad campaign is designed to promote better health through a reduced risk of obesity, cancer, stroke, diabetes and heart disease – and all just by vegan.

In conclusion

Modern veganism really is for everyone. Avoiding meat, dairy, and processed foods containing meat product derivatives doesn’t mean a boring diet or a wimpy physique – as Jim Morris has proven!

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  1. Support
    Beautiful! Thanks, Alison, for contributing to The Flaming Vegan!
    1. Alison Page
      Alison Page
      My pleasure! x
  2. Christine Gianas Weinheimer
    Christine Gianas Weinheimer
    Thank you for writing about Mr. Morris. So many people associate strength and muscles with meat and animal protein, but all the nutrients we need to do ANYTHING are available from plant sources.
    1. Alison Page
      Alison Page
      Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed my article. There are so many myths about veganism out there, it's good to see someone so fit and strong debunking them by example!


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