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Vegan Day 2: I need a new couch
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Vegan Day 2: I need a new couch

Today on the second day of making my declaration I realized I need a new couch. Making the decision to become a vegan will have some effect on my entire household. For example, I need a new place to sit in my living room. My sister passed down her couch when I needed a new one, but its leather. I can’t stand it. It represents all that I don’t want in my life. But what do I do with it? My family needs a place to sit, so I need to make a plan. I can throw it to the trash, but then I will feel guilty that a perfectly good couch sits in a landfill. Maybe I could sell it? If I did that, I feel like I am profiting on the poor animals that lost their lives to create it. How can something so ordinary be making me so crazy?

While I am pondering my current couches fate, I begin to think about what to replace it with. Once again, I lean to my old friend and oracle Google for its wisdom. I found a great site that helps you choose an Eco friendly couch - and has a lot of advice for those in need of a green choice. For example, did you know that there are couches out there that were made of sustainable wood products? Never mind the scary chemicals that are used to create the average sofa that your family sits on every single day. Being a couch potato can actually be toxic to your health. So that problem is solved, but what to do with the old one? I could not find a viable option to get rid of my current couch without causing another environmental problem, if anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

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  1. Akanksha
    Hey don't you have any offers in your city where they take back your old furniture and offer some discount on the new one you buy? That isn't exactly selling so you can dispose it off without having to feel guilty about it.
    1. pamelablogs2020
      Before I donate it, i am going to ask, great suggestion! I want to buy that eco-friendly one from Crate & Barrel - maybe they offer that?
      1. Akanksha
        Hey that is a great website. I don't see any such facility on the website for my country. I think Carolyn is right, you can donate it too. And I am not sure but can't you just replace the leather with Vinyl, if the couch is fine otherwise?
  2. Carolyn
    My only thought is to donate it to a mission store!
    1. pamelablogs2020
      hi Carolyn, I was thinking the same thing. Donating it to some place where it at least will be of use. Thank you for your reply!
  3. cealex
    There are great charities all over the country that help returning veterans and their families get on their feet if they've suffered financially under the economy. They'll even pick up the couch for you and then you'd know it was going to someone who really needs it. And you can always rationalize that the couch exists, for better or worse. At least someone would be getting some use out of it and you can always encourage people to buy green from now on so that in the future leather couches disappear!
    1. pamelablogs2020
      Thank you! IT would make me feel better to give it to someone who needs it.


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