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Vegan Crossfit Athletes and Their Stories
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Vegan Crossfit Athletes and Their Stories

Many people think a vegan diet is not balanced. For example, protein generally relates to meat. When it comes to overall health and fitness, do vegans get nourished? Do vegans get enough protein to do Crossfit? The fact of the matter is, a vegan can perform in Crossfit with just as much strength and endurance than anyone else.

Crossfit is a new wave of high-intensity training. The Crossfit community welcomes members from all walks of life. Furthermore, Crossfit incorporates many styles into the workout, including AMRAP, gymnastics, bodybuilding, and cardio. Crossfit gyms are popping up all over America.

This high-intensity workout requires muscle, coordination, mobility, focus, and balance. To prove that vegans can thrive in high-intensity training, such as Crossfit, we will look at the fittest vegan Crossfitters in America.

Alicia Zeigler

Alicia Zeigler is a mega athlete who is multifaceted in health, fitness, acting, and modeling. Alicia stems from the west coast of sunny California. She first became a vegan at a very young age. She watched a tragic video on how farm animals ended up on plates and declared herself a vegan soon after. After falling off the vegan wagon for a few years, she jumped back on and hasn’t fallen off since.

Her vegan diet is altered at every point in the day in order to make sure she is getting the correct nutrients for all her workout sessions, including Crossfit. Alicia refers to her vegan diet as extremely nutritional and protein efficient, stating, “I have been training Crossfit, even completing an 8-minute plank, all while surviving on a vegan diet and maintaining all my muscle.”

Alicia Zeigler is evidence that one can persevere with strength and endurance on a vegan diet. Check out her promo here for motivation and proof.

Ed Bauer

Known as the “Poster Boy of Vegan Crossfitters”, Ed Bauer’s muscles are not to be reckoned with. He currently resides in California and represents a plant-based diet in all of his training and competition regimes. Ed Bauer is an all around, great American athlete who finds success through his passion. He is a Crossfit coach, fitness model, bodybuilder, vegan and certified nutritionist.

In his interview with The Expansion Project, he talks about his journey as a vegan. As a young adolescent, Ed Bauer decided he was going to take the straight edge path in life that extended to the benefit of animals. Most noteworthy, he was only 11 at the time of this positive and life changing decision.  His philosophy on fitness and nutrition is, “anyone can be healthy and strong off a plant-based diet.”

Moreover, plant-based protein is easier for the body to assimilate rather than animal protein. Some of his go-to substitutes for animal protein include; tofu, rice protein, pea protein, and tempeh. If you’d like to see what a vegan looks like on a set of gymnastics workout rings, check out Ed Bauer’s Crossfit video here.

He began Crossfit in 2011 and has been in several competitions including the California 2015 and 2016 Reebok Crossfit Games.

Jeremy Cronon

Jeremy Cronon just might be the most inspirational wilderness man in the country. He is a great outdoorsman who also happens to be a vegan. Upon requesting an interview, he was out on contract backpacking in Alaska in an area with no internet connection.

In tune with nature, Jeremy decided to become a vegan while in college. Soon after graduation, he mingled with Crossfit and started a beginners program at his local gym. He answers the question, “can vegans do Crossfit?.”

Jeremy did not only survive as a vegan, he thrived. Upon the two years of Crossfit, he discovered he was more strong, flexible, healthier and coordinated than he thought possible.

Consequently, he was the only vegan in his gym, however, that didn’t stop him from making new friends and growing in the world of Crossfit.

In conclusion, a vegan diet is a powerful diet. The cornucopia of vegan-friendly foods can provide enough protein to sustain a Crossfit fitness regime.

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