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Vegan Concept of Fashion
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Vegan Concept of Fashion

Vegans also want to look good but when it comes to buying vegan clothing, it seems to be hard to keep following trends. There is not a lot of vegan clothing available yet on the market but the offer is continuously growing. Organic, recycle, sustainable and vegan clothing are already worn by vegans around the globe. And the good news is, trendy vegan clothing will become more popular on the market as big designers such as Stella McCartney and John Barlett are already setting a good example. In fact, Barlett is not only applying veganism in his work but also in his personal life as a recent adherent of this philosophy.

Veganism protects the planet's natural resources

There are so many problems we are dealing with in our everyday lives that it seems impossible to tackle them all, but in fact, many problems are connected in a certain way. The mass production of meat leads to water and air pollution and the need for space where cattle can be raised is growing: Precious natural gems like the Amazon in South America are gradually disappearing. The production of vegan clothing requires less energy and uses less chemicals which reduces pollution and the destruction of ecosystems and last but not least, it does not exploit animals.

How do we encourage industries to invest in those products?

Any types of clothing and accessories such as handbags, wallets, shoes etc. can be produced of alternative materials such as nylon, cotton, vinyl, canvas, pleather, vegetan, lorica, biribuk etc. It is important to encourage industries to use those materials in every piece of clothing, not only to act in favor of animals' rights and against their maltreatment but also to cause less negative environmental impact. For one thing, we should inform ourselves about companies that have declared they do not use any material made from animals or whose products were not tested on animals and preferably opt for their products. And secondly, we should boycott those of which the offered products were obviously made from animals, such as companies selling leather or fur products.

We are a society of exaggerations

The textile industry is the fourth biggest consumer of natural resources in the world, according to an agency that studies the preservation of the environment in the United States. There is a new type of fashion every season and the media tells us to buy these new clothing items. The result is the consumption of products not to fulfill our basic needs but to follow the dictation of the media. This leads to overconsumption. As this affects the earth and its natural resources which we share with so many other creatures, we can conclude that the only way to solve this problem is to slow down and put an end to overconsumption.

How to fight against it?

I remember that in my grandparents' time, clothing was such a good quality that it would last for years and years and even through to the next generation. In fact, at that time, it was considered to be the coolest thing ever to have a piece of clothing that would last that long, which is the total opposite way of thinking today. Why not regain this way of thinking and keep things for longer? That would solve the overproduction problem. I know the word "parsimony" seems to be a swear-word in the capitalist world that we live in, but it is time to slow down and regain the old rhythm. It is a tough task, but if we were smart enough to get here, we must have the power to fix the situation. Care, this is the key word. Some people (vegans) have already understood and more and more are opening their eyes to it.

From now on, a piece of clothing is only fashionable if it is earth-friendly!

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  1. Jennifer Madison
    Jennifer Madison
    I like the way you underline that veganism is connected to the protection of the environment, this is very important and many people do not realize that when going vegan, they kill two birds with one stone (not in the literal sense ;) ).
  2. Akanksha
    Excellent post Tiagoz. I Am also sharing this on my Facebook timeline for my friends to read! I am following you now and will be looking forward to your posts :)
    1. Tiagoz
      Thank you very much AkankshaLal. I`m following you too :)
      1. Akanksha
  3. SnakeWitch
    This sort of article is great. It IS important to consider the environmental impact as well. But I also want to make a point in saying that it is hard to find vegan, environmental shoes that fit me - I'm a size 5. I am soooo looking forward to the day that this type of accessory fits little people like me!
  4. uponacloud
    You can't imagine how much I agree with this. I am completely against the overconsumption that is the rule in our society.


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