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Vegan Chef: 4 Pieces of Equipment Every Vegan Kitchen Needs
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Vegan Chef: 4 Pieces of Equipment Every Vegan Kitchen Needs

A vegan home or restaurant kitchen needs certain types of equipment for the safe and efficient preparation of food. Having the right equipment at hand makes it easier to prepare food that is tasty and nutritious. Consider these four pieces of equipment that every vegan chef should have on hand for preparing meals.


Juicers make it possible for the vegan chef to make a variety of juices, bubble teas, smoothies and shakes. In a home kitchen, a simple juicer or combination juicer and blender would be a wise choice. In a commercial vegan kitchen, a professional grade juicer that can handle frequent use and large quantities will be more efficient.

Food Service Equipment

Food service equipment simplifies the process of cooking a large amount of food in a vegan kitchen. One useful piece of food service equipment every vegan kitchen should have is a large roaster. This could be used for roasting root vegetables that are turned into main courses. Another helpful piece of equipment to have in any vegan kitchen is a pressure cooker. This type of a device enables a vegan chef to quickly cook tough or thick vegetables such as rutabaga and turnips.

Sharp Knives and Peelers

Most fresh vegetables and fruits require peeling or slicing before they can be eaten or cooked. A vegan chef may need to have multiple sizes of each type of peeler or knife. For example, peelers might be used for carrots, potatoes and summer squash. Sharp knives are useful for slicing vegetables thinly for sautéing, grilling, or steaming. A knife sharpener enhances the safety and performance of knives and peelers.

Walk-In Coolers or Refrigerators

In a vegan home, a standard-sized refrigerator may be all that is needed in order to properly store a few days' worth of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables. For a commercial vegan kitchen, walk-in coolers or refrigerators will be key pieces of equipment. Walk-in coolers, like those available from Commercial Kitchens, are absolutely necessary when running any type of restaurant. These cooling systems help to preserve the nutritional quality of the food. They also help to increase the food's lifespan and keep it safe from any insects or other possible contaminants.

When purchasing kitchen equipment, you get what you pay for. Food service equipment is made to last. It is also important to properly care for the equipment and tools in a kitchen. Proper and regular cleaning, sharpening of knives and maintenance of refrigeration units all enhance the safety and productivity of a vegan kitchen. With these tools at hand, making healthy and tasty vegan meals will be easier.

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