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Vegan Booze, Anyone?
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Vegan Booze, Anyone?

In Ottawa, there is a local brewery that has taken up the challenge of making vegan and organic beer. The result: Beau’s. And it’s great.

It may seem strange to think that a drink based on a plant may not be vegan. However, although the ingredients per se may not be animal by-products, some companies use them in at different times during the process.

Beau’s chose to make theirs with organic ingredients, without additives, and ensure everything is vegan.

Many traditional beers use isinglass for clarifying, which is usually decanted after the brewing process; they may also use gelatin or casein. Some also use animal products, such as glycerin, to control foam consistency. Guinness stouts, for example, are not vegetarian. Several beers use fish parts for filtering their beers.

Also, some vegans boycott Budweiser/ Larose because they promote bull riding and own Seaworld.

The same goes for wine : many red wines use isinglass, gelatine, egg whites and caseins to filtrate it or help stop the fermenting process. At times – although very rarely – bull blood has been added, but this practice became illegal in Europe after the outbreak of mad cow disease.

However, this is not necessary, therefore vegan wines do exist! Bentonite or kaolin are two of the minerals that are used to refine wine. Others filter manually. Just don’t forget that this doesn’t modify the taste – at all. Same goes for champagne.

Safe lists

Vegetarian Beers and Vegan Wine Guide are good lists to follow to know if your booze has been tainted. Or, simply call the stores that offer them. They may be able to help you out.

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  1. BoosterL16
    I love this beer! It's affordable, and it's really tasty. A great choice for natural ingredients.
    1. SnakeWitch
      Yes, it is at a great price - especially considering the quality of ingredients you're getting! I miss it! Hey, would you like to check out my two new articles and vote for them too? Thanks!


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