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Vegan Bodybuilding Stars
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Vegan Bodybuilding Stars

Do you think that only those who eat a majestic chunk of meat for dinner can become bodybuilders? You were never so wrong! This article presents a list of competitive bodybuilders who were able to become top in their craft and yet did not touch not only meat but anything that is animal-based.

Torre Washington

A legend among the vegan bodybuilders, Torre Washington started his career in 2009 and soon became a champion with numerous awards. His switch to veganism is dated back to 1998 and Torre also promotes this lifestyle in his career in hopes that more professional bodybuilders will take part in the veganism.

Robbie Hazeley

Robbie was a long-time competitor who participated in bodybuilding since the 1970s. Hazeley became vegan in 1989 when he was suffering from severe health problems and had to improve his lifestyle. Sadly, he recently died in 2016 from throat cancer as he had been a smoker for years and recently quit. As a 60-year-old competitor, he still worked hard to be as fit and healthy as before and successfully challenged his rivals. 

Joe Coleman

This guy is a perfect model of an absolute vegan! Coleman started competing in his 40s, and together with that he changed his previously unhealthy lifestyle and became a vegan for life. His current diet comprises of rice, beans, and oatmeal, he trains himself and also uses meditation to relax his mind and body. Coleman was also awarded professional status in 2016, two years after he started competitive bodybuilding.

Amanda Riester

Amanda is a member of a family of professional boxers as her two grandfathers and father reached the vocational status in this sport. Amanda is not an exception as she started her career at the age of 16. She stopped eating meat at the age of five, and in 2009 at the age of 26, Amanda became a complete and passionate vegan. Besides her bodybuilding and boxing successes, she also works as a professional animal communicator and a pet-loss grief counselor.

Denise Nicole

Denise is a figure competitor and bodybuilder, and she also works as a model for magazines, calendars or adverts. The main reason she went vegan was to help to reduce the suffering of animals and to eat more healthfully. She is happy that she met so many people with the same lifestyle as her since making the switch to veganism.

Samantha Shorkey

The first vegan bikini pro, Samantha Shorkey is also a personal fitness coach and uses the vegan diet to lower her calories eaten daily. She is also an activist trying to promote the plant-based healthy diet to the masses of people.

Ian Michael Myers

Ian is a 35-year-old personal trainer and bodybuilder. He started his new lifestyle five years ago when he was diagnosed with the plethora of medical conditions and illnesses. As he changed his way of life, removed meat, and other fatty food and added fruit and vegetables, his health status improved quickly. Myers was able to improve his weight and also became a professional in the world of bodybuilding and fitness.

The names above are only an example of those who were able to go professional in the fitness world without eating meat and animal-based products. There are many positives of this healthy diet, so if you are afraid that you wouldn't be able to become a professional bodybuilder if you gave up meat - don't worry, there are people who did the same thing and are very successful!

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