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Vegan Athletes?
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Vegan Athletes?

Being active, many people ask me how I am so thin, so strong, and so on; but when I tell them that I am vegan they seem surprised! For those of you that are more active, you do tend to need more nutrients than the more sedentary people of the population.  However, you can definitely pack on muscle and improve your performance by being vegan.  In fact, getting the concentrated amounts of vitamins and minerals found in plants can give you even more nutrition to keep your recovery quick and your gains large. While there are too many vegan athletes out there to talk about all of them, I would like to mention three that I know the most about:

Scott Jurek, mentioned in the book Born to Run is an amazing athlete that competes in ultramarathons all over the world.  Some of the races he has been in have been monster ultramarathons spanning 100 miles and have taken place is some of the harshest places in the world including desolate mountatins, dense jungles, and scalding deserts.  His winning diet?  Vegan food! Mac Danzig, a mixed martial artist who competes in the light weight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, UFC.  He grew up having dietary issues with dairy products, and so dropping the meat was the next step.  This 1-2 combo proved to be a knockout enabling him to win Ultimate Fighter 6, win the King of the Cage Lightweight world Championship (and defend this title four times), be the Extreme trials national champion, and be a Gladiator Lightweight World Champion. Mike Mahler, he is one of the strongest and toughest athletes currently, in my opinion at least, and in addition he's a vegan.  Having impressive size, which is backed up by even more impressive strength, Mahler is a strong point showing how effective a vegan diet is when paired with smart training to become stronger, faster, and more muscular. The bottom line here is most world class athletes are vegan!  Yes, there are people who are strong and eat meat, but looking around at the serious dedicated athletes who train their bodies and minds to do amazing things, they all fuel up on vegan cuisine! 

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  1. SnakeWitch
    And three-time Canadian bodybuilding champion Wade Lightheart! I am vote number 7. Please check out my article titled 'How to Speak to Non-Vegans' and 'A Little Shameless Self-Promotion to Hire Me' and vote! Thanks!
  2. RawGirlfriend
    LOVE to read about the Vegan athletes out there! Truly inspirational. Check out and add Jeff Sekerak, to the list. This guy ROCKS the diet and exercise! AMAZING strength, stamina and representation if ever there can be. Kudos to all of us plant-based folks out here leading by example. Just keep on doing what were doing. Everyone is bound to catch up. -RawGF
  3. Aliza Jones
    Yes, eating only vegetables will help to lose your weight but there are many necessary fats which are essential for the proper functioning of your body. Read more details at as you need to eat some meat as well to fulfill the essential nutrients of the body.


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