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Vegan Alternatives To Bread
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Vegan Alternatives To Bread

When I started out as a vegetarian, I found myself relying on bread as a staple in my diet. Although bread can be good to give you nutrients such as fibre, it is high in carbs so it's not always a healthy option. Plus, if you depend on it too much you run the risk of missing out on other nutrients from other foods. Here is how to trade bread in for more satisfying and healthier options.

  • Whole wheat tortillas 

These are great because they also contain B-vitamins and fibre, but they are low in calories. Half a wrap only contains approximately 275 calories. You must just make sure that you check that the tortillas don’t contain enriched flour. They should have whole wheat flour instead which is much better for you.

  • Bread-Free Sandwiches 

Use lettuce leaves as your bread and place diced veggies, nuts, seeds and condiments between them. So tasty and crunchy! It's also a great way to add more greens to your diet.

  • Stuff your veggies 

You can fill cucumbers with interesting foods, such as veggies or quinoa. But don’t stop there! Stuff other veggies too, such as pumpkins, potatoes and squash. These are tasty meals that have absolutely no need for any bread at all. 

  • Feel full after meals

If you're worried about what foods will be as filling as bread, you'll be glad to know that there are many foods that will keep you going all day without you needing to reach for a slice or roll of bread. These foods include protein-rich choices such as beans and nuts. Another great pick, especially for breakfast, is oatmeal because it's got loads of fibre. You really don’t need to rely on bread if you've become vegetarian/vegan. With a few quick substitutes, you'll gain the nutrients and satisfaction you need to feel good. Reducing your bread consumption also has health benefits, such as decreasing bloating and losing water weight.

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  1. The Flaming Vegan Crew
    The Flaming Vegan Crew
    Everyone loves bread, but we do not need it! Great post. We pinned it on our Pinterest board!


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