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Vegan? 10 Articles That Make it Easy Being Green
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Vegan? 10 Articles That Make it Easy Being Green

Being a Vegan is not an easy thing, especially if you're a globetrotter or traveler. Unfortunately, even with recent improvements (and there are many!), you come across very few dishes around the world that don't contain flesh, eggs, or dairy products. Still, the benefits of being a vegan are numerous and awesome, and that is why we increasingly continue to find more and more people now turning to a totally plant-based diet. Looking for a single article to bookmark where you can always come back and find a solid resource or reinforcing inspiration?Here are the top 10 veg articles from around the web.

The Hottest Vegan Recipes for 2014

This article is fabulous and motivating! With so much popular trending toward a vegan diet, professional chefs have begun coming up with a plethora of inventive and exciting recipes to cater to people who are eating more plant-based. You can find fantastic information on the latest vegan dishes and more with this comprehensive article care of none other than CNN. Talk about news!

The 10 Best Veg Books to Loan Your Reluctant Friend:

Nerds unite! At a loss for what to read or what to say? This is a fantastic compilation of the best veg books to ingest, gift, and otherwise loan out to anyone wondering about how and why.

Vegan Diet Stabilizes Blood Sugar:

Here's a powerful bit of info to share with the naysayers at your family get-togethers. Let them marvel at how a diabetic woman, simply by eliminating dairy products, meat and eggs from her diet, managed to stabilize her blood sugar. A must read!

The World's Top 10 Vegan BLT's:

Because when in doubt (or breakup mode), the vegan BLT can and will, change hearts and minds. With so many ways to work this amazingness, you can get the news about the ever versatile veg BLT and how it's being done by professionals across the globe here. Prepare to be inspired. And hungry. Totally hungry. 

20 Reasons to Become Vegan:

Classic, comprehensive, and definitely something you'll want to share across social media, this fantastic list of reasons to go veg won't leave you wanting. Even the converted might learn a thing or two here.

The Total Scientific Skinny on the Vegan Diet:

Here's your classic reference on health and nutritional info for the "Where's the protein," crowd.

Vegan Diet Reduces Arthritis Pain:

This one may still come as a shock to some, but believe it or not, The Chicago-Sun Times has posted news that a vegan diet can reduce the suffering of arthritis patients. Great news!

Yummy Vegan Cheeses

Little by little, everyone's starting to realize we don't have to ditch the cheesy deliciousness to indulge in culinary compassion. Check out these amazing 10 different types of "I can't believe it's vegan," cheese.

Couple in Their 60's Runs Marathons on Raw Vegan Diet:

366 marathons, that is! Contrary to popular belief that says that people on vegan diet do not have the stamina to match that of omnivores, the news here, proves otherwise. Here's a raw dose of inspiration.

The Easy Appeal of Vegan Baking:

Did you know that in fact in America before the end of WWII, baking with animal products was actually uncommon? Many think that vegan desserts are tasteless and don't offer much variety. No way! Nothing could be further from the truth. You'll love this article. Pass it around to all of the sweeties in your life.


*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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  1. Andrew Knighton
    Andrew Knighton
    That last point's a really interesting one. Modern western diets, with the high level of animal based foods, are treated by many people as the absolute norm and anything else as odd, but actually diets and cooking have changed a great deal over time. Great list of articles - thanks for sharing.


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