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Veg Surrounded by Non-Vegs !!
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Veg Surrounded by Non-Vegs !!

Hi everyone, my name is Dushyant Kumar and I live in New Delhi, India.

New Delhi is the capital of India.

Basically I belong to Agra City...

If you know, Agra is the city of The Great Wonder, Monument of Love,

"The Taj Mahal".

I have shifted to New Delhi for my graduation studies. Its been now more than two months. I study in Jamia Millia Islamia University. Yes, as the name suggests, its a Muslim university, one of the most prestigious universities in India.

I am a Hindu and belong to a Veg family. But now I am in Jamia where almost every friend of mine enjoys non-veg. Though its no problem for me to survive there but many a times I have been suggested to taste chicken. My friends tell me that its one of the most tasty thing we can have. Though they do not actually provoke me to eat, but its just that they influence me in one way or the other.

We all know very well that our habits do change according to the surroundings we live in.

But today I raise a serious question in front of you all that how can a person live being so odd?

My family is pure vegitarian and so I am.

One fine day I asked my mother that everyone around me is a non-veg and my friends say that I should at least taste once. My mother said our religion Hinduism and our family beliefs don't allow us to be non-veg. I argued that there are so many non-veg Hindus also, like this they shouldn't be following Hinduism then. Concluding the whole matter my mother said....

" Eat non veg if your heart allows !! "

And, yes, these were so big words....

I asked my heart and there came a BIG NO...!!

Because at some corner of my heart there is a feeling for those innocent lives, those innocent animals, who are killed and whose lives are snatched away just to make our dishes tasty...!!

And my heart says that I can't eat someone's life as my food....

I mean they also have a right to live..don't they?

God has created everything, and so everyone has equal right to live their life.

I cannot destroy any animal's life just to have an amazing taste.

And there I learnt something....

No matter in which surrounding you live and survive, if you are vegetarian and if you have decided to be will be a happy vegetarian...!!

So, this is all I got from my experience.

Hey, this is my first post here on Flaming Vegan, 

I would love to know how it was?

Did you like it? Follow me here

Please comment and have a say on what do you think about the topic I raised here.

Please vote, I shall be highly obliged.




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I am a student.I live in New Delhi, India. I love to write anything, from short stories to serious social issues. I personally believe that whatever comes to our mind, if it is good and exciting, we should write it down immediately, because amazing thoughts and great ideas are not intentionally invented they just COME...!! :)

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  1. Akanksha
    Hi Dushayant and welcome to The Flaming Vegan! Agra is my hometown too though I only went there once when I was very young. Belonging to a non-veg family, I decided to go veg few years ago. I will tell you one thing, veg food is also as tasty as non- veg food. I have tasted both. You did the right thing for sure. Nice to meet you and hope to read more posts from you. I am following you now.
    1. Dushyant Kumar
      Dushyant Kumar
      Thanks for following me !! Hey, can you please provide me your email..
  2. Veganara
    Hello Dushyant! Great blog, very interesting, I have voted. I agree with everything you say. I was brought up a meat-eater (and all of my family still are, apart from me) and now I am a vegan, and I won't go back now. Vegan food is just as tasty as meat and dairy, I can assure you! You might like to try my Creamy Asparagus risotto recipe, that I posted recently. Do have a look at that, and if you like it, please vote!
    1. Dushyant Kumar
      Dushyant Kumar
  3. Anita Vegana
    Welcome to the family of The Flaming Vegan! I voted for your article. Yes, there is a lot of pressure. I used to eat meat, and even then, people still thought that I had to 'taste' non-veg food because I didn't understand how good what they ate was. Strange, isn't it, how people will use ANY argument, even some that aren't logical, to make you stop your healthy and humane eating habits. And, having been vegetarian all your life, you will probably not even like meat, for the same reasons that people from different cultures sometime don't like the food from other countries - just because they grew up eating a certain way. If you stay the way you are and only speak positively about vegetarian food, you may even influence someone by teaching them something they didn't know, and they may be the ones to change their minds and try what you eat instead! I voted. Please come read my article, What is a Superfood?, and vote if you enjoyed reading it.
    1. Dushyant Kumar
      Dushyant Kumar
      Yes Anita Vegana, I liked your idea that instead of getting influenced, I should influence them by vegan-ism. Thanks for reading my articles. Yes, sure I will read your writings. Thanks for voting. :)
  4. SnakeWitch
    An inspiring read! Voted! Come check out my article about GMOs and vote if you liked it!
    1. Dushyant Kumar
      Dushyant Kumar
      Sure. Thanks. :)
  5. Shabs Online
    Shabs Online
    Superb job, dear…luvd reading abt ur journey as voted! Also plz check my latest on of u like it..Thnzz.. :)
  6. BuddhasDelight
    lovely and heartfelt article! welcome to the site and thank you for sharing! i understand all too well what it is like to have a big heart for animals amidst others who don't quite see it the same. and it is true you feel like an oddball at times! that being said, the most important thing is to do what you are doing, staying true to your own heart and preferences. this way, you will just be a light on the path and others will be inspired, or not... but likely they will be inspired! it amazes me how many non-veg have gone veg just hanging around with me for a while. i do not lecture or preach, i just do what i do. i think gandhi said it best, we must be the change we wish to see. that is one powerful act! blessings. voted! check out my latest posts, mood-enhancing pear nectar and coconut soup... vote if you like them. cheers!
  7. Shabs Online
    Shabs Online
    Also plz check out my latest on Buck Wheat... vote if you like and share further! :)
  8. GBjorg
    Isn't Indian population actually pretty pro-vegan? I read there are nearly 30% there don't eat meat. It means almost 400 million people. It's more than live in the USA.


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