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Use the ACE Move to Beat Free Radical Stress
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Use the ACE Move to Beat Free Radical Stress

Most of us already know about veganism and the health benefits related to it. The easiest way to know about them is to feel them. The challenge comes when we talk to some 'intellectual' people who need scientific reasons before making a decision. There is nothing wrong with that. If you are on a mission of educating and empowering people around you like me, remember that we need to e tactful. We must relate to people at their level, not ours.

One of the things we can educate people about is oxidative or free radical stress that our bodies go through. Oxidation is a process in which the molecules of oxygen in our bodies break up into 2 atoms each. These are then called free radicals which damage our bodies slowly but surely. Free radicals are known to be responsible for a lot of diseases like diabetes, cancer, arthritis, inflammation and heart diseases. It also catalyzes the aging mechanism.

Have you seen people who are above 50, 60 or even 70 years of age but have a flawless skin, disease free body and are full of energy and enthusiasm? I have. And the reason behind this miracle is their lifestyle. Sources that lead to oxidation and free radical damage are pollution, smoking, sunlight, junk food, fried food, processed food, stress, tension and ionization due to usage of computer screen or television.

Of course, we cannot completely avoid all of these but what we can do is choose a healthy vegan diet. There is a process called anti-oxidaton which can prevent us. Most of us have heard about antioxidants and how we should include them in our diet. These are the substances that donate one of their electrons so that the free radicals can bond with them and become neutral again.

We should take a combination of antioxidants that are present in vitamin A, C and E rich foods. We must include yellow, orange and green colored fruits and vegetables in our diet. Oranges, carrots, spinach, peaches etc are some good sources of antioxidants. The ACE combination can improve our immunity and are also good for eyes and skin.

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  1. kristo
    voted! this is so informative! Dark green and orange vegetables are also the tastiest, so this should be easy!
    1. Akanksha
      Thanks! I think the most difficult part is the amount of time and care they need!
  2. Carolyn
    Vote #5! People are looking younger at each decade now compared to years ago. When viewing pictures of ancestors, the skin of someone 40 at that time makes them look much older. I believe people are receiving better nutrition and protecting skin from the sun. Yaaayyy for antioxidants!
    1. Akanksha
      Thanks Carolyn! People are surely getting more health conscious these days..but can't say so about lifestyle, especially here in India!
  3. Veganara
    Voted, fascinating blog. I love the title and the pic as well! I have just submitted a recipe for French Onion Soup you might like to look at.
    1. Akanksha
      Thanks Maggie! My network connection is giving me a hard time today, comments are not getting registered.. I did check out your post but have not succeeded in voting/commenting yet. Will try again soon :)
  4. Roopam
    True...with all the junk food winning the popularity specially with kids...this is a great point to keep in mind while choosing your food...ace post...voted:)
    1. Akanksha
      You are absolutely correct Roopam. I read in a survey that more than 80% kids in the US are obese. I see the difference in last two decades. When i was a kid, potato chips and carbonated drinks were consumed on occasions and in very small quantity and there were fewer McDonalds and Pizza outlets..Frozen and canned food was unheard of and the entire family used to sleep on time. Ah..the good old days!
      1. Akanksha
        Thanks for reading and sharing your views here :) Loved the compliment "Ace Post!" :D
        1. SnakeWitch
          In Canada, wer're not at 80% yet, but we're getting there. We need to stop accepting that the American way is the way to go here, although I have to say that so far, our government has been good about keeping their influence down - considering the fact that we have a shared cultural-style and history, which bonds us in a way that is hard to break out of.... Hopefully we will keep working hard at keeping our identity and lifestyle intact! And I hope we never become like them!
  5. Sumit  Bhardwaj
    Sumit Bhardwaj
    Great post...this is some useful information
  6. pftsusan
    #10. This is very well written
    1. Akanksha
      Thank you so much Susan :) I am just a beginner in the field of Nutrition and Fitness and some facts are mind blowing!
  7. SnakeWitch
    So that's what anti-oxidants are for. I keep reading that they reduce stress and help with the body's every system, but never knew the real reason. There it is. Thank you for this information. It's good to know. Voted!
  8. Vegan Darling
    Great Info! Voted!
  9. Peter and cats
    Another, less frequently heard argument, that the science minded may find even more specific goes like this. All living things endure various threats. One especially damaging one for living cells can be ionizing radiation, such as the U.V. in sunlight. Animal, if overexposed, get burned. We protect ourselves with fur, melanin in our skin, clothes, and the ability to move to the shade. plants don't have these options, in part, because they Need that sunlight with which they are able to make their (and our) food. So they cannot block that radiation from their cells. In there, it's capable of just the same sorts of damage to DNA and other cellular structures as it can cause in our cells. But plants have a solution. Unlike us, they manufacture a wide array of various phytochemicals, those antioxidants you hear of, and many others that operate differently in some cases to actually repair DNA damage as it occurs, and more. With these defenses, plants withstand the sun just fine. When we eat those plant foods, in many cases, our digestion does not destroy those phytochemicals. We can absorb them, and in us, they can offer the same repair and protective functions as they offered to the plant.
  10. Peter and cats
    Another useful thought that one can give the dubious, who wonder if a vegan diet is so good, why do authorities still tell us to eat a moderate diet with meat, veggies, fruts, nuts, oils and dairy. ie, the Standard American Diet, or SAD. The reason is simple. Money and politics and inertia/tradition. In the U.S. dietary guidelines come from the department of agriculture (USDA). That department, however, is NOT charged with protecting the public health. Instead, it's specific purpose is to support and advance the interests and health of the agricultural industries, including the beef, poultry, pork, dairy and fishing industries. And the people in charge of the U.S.D.A, as well as many of those in power at NIH (national institute of health) who have things to say about nutrition, come from a background in these industries. These are people who've built careers around belief in existing agricultural practice. Not easy to convince such folks that the industries they've been promoting their whole lives are bad for people. Try telling the whole state of Montana that cows are unhealthy to eat. Or the State of Wisconsin that dairy, milk and cheese, are bad for health. Even areas where the main crop is corn, a wide swath of the U.S. are on that bandwagon, as something like 80 percent of the corn they grow goes to feed cows. Get rid of the cows, and their market collapses, at least until they figure out they can just as easily grow other things... These are all tough nuts to crack. Even though there are people in authority who do know the truth, they have difficulty being heard, or are blocked in efforts to promote the truth, simply because there is so much money, so much politics, and frankly, so many livelihoods at stake. There's an interesting account of what is face by a scientist attempting to buck these forces in Dr. T.Colin Campbell's "The China Study", the largest epidemiological study of nutrition and health ever done. Despite being recognized as one of the top nutritional biochemistry researchers in the world, he faced stiff opposition, and discrimination academically and within NIH, simply because he was bucking accepted practice and belief. Never mind that he had reams and reams of stunningly strong data to back him up. They didn't want to listen. In the face of all this, the public will have to educate itself. Spread the word people, live and teach simply by example.


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