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I always like to start out with....we are all on our own personal journey...that said....I was at  the grocery store the a while back....getting out of my car I could smell that smell...there is a famous restaurant franchise right  there in the same lot...sadness came over me knowing I was smelling the scent of dead animlas being cooked and then served to people...

I thought..."don't they realize they are ingesting the horrific suffering and death of a living being" sigh.....then I walk towards the store...a local college bus pulled up bringing students to shop...about 8 girls bounced off the bus giggling,laughing,just being young girls...I noticed they all were wearing those suede boots that every one was wearing..


Again...I was so saddened....I wanted to go right up to them and say..."did you know that the animal whose pelt was used for your boots suffered a horrific death by being skinned alive?" would that statement have even fased them?..There has been so much desensitization in this world to death and suffering,that ..who knows?..


As I watched them go in to the store I thought.."I missed my chance"...If given the opportunity again..would I take it and speak my piece?..I truely do not know..Is it my duty to talk to people I see on the street?...Some would say YES!...I have done alot I thought!..I sign petitions, I buy cruelty free products, I talk to any one that asks about my Veganism...But it is not enough...I figured I was aiding and abetting all the fur farmers by NOT going up to them and saying my piece..This is my struggle...I think most Vegans struggle with something about their choices...


I have thought about this alot....Now just waiting for the opportunity to arise again...

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  1. Veganara
    Vote no 2. I know exactly how you feel Alexandra. I often wonder if I should go up and point things out to people as well! Maybe leafletting is the best way though, so that someone can read it in their own time, and it is not like being "harassed" by someone verbally. Carry some AR leaflets round with you to hand out to people, when you feel like saying something. Just a suggestion!
  2. Will Cheer
    I have been on a Plant -Based diet my entire life and as much as I love animals and do not wish them harm I am more concerned about the health of humans than a cow. I am much more inclined to walk up to someone outside a store who is smoking and puffing it in the face of their small child and let them know in a kind way that they are causing all kinds of health issues for that child through their life by exposing them to that second hand smoke. Wearing leather products or sitting on leather furniture by no means affects ones personal health other than to keep them warm or protected from the elements. Leather shoes are a wise investment and the feet can breathe in them. artificial materials that many shoes are made out of will ruin the feet, make your feet sweat and stink as well as clutter the landfills. Fabric furnishings and upholstery does a major job on sinuses where as with leather furniture the dust does not rise every time I sit so you can avoid allergy problems with it's use. Allergy does flair however when I smell it grilled in the air. Cows do die of natural causes and what better way than to utilize the hide. It's the only part of the cow I find useful . After all, Cows are plant loving eaters too.
    1. Veganara
      The trouble is Will, that most leather does not come from cows who have died naturally; if it did, I would have no problem with it either. The leather industry, as with the manufacture of other animal skins, is unjustifiably cruel, and there are some excellent vegan alternatives to leather, suede, etc, these days, so why not use them? I believe you can also get "breathable" and non-allergy causing ones too! We have the technology now. I know it is difficult at times, balancing human health and well-being against the rights of other creatures, but I do believe it can be done. Life is never perfect in any case, and however healthy we try to be, we are all going to die at some point, and we will probably all get ill at some point too! I agree with you about human health issues though, that is one reason I am vegan.
  3. Michaelada1
    Hello Alexandra. Well, I just committed to the Vegan Lifestyle, and so far so good. I think your article is interesting, as I didn't think about my clothing (and where it's coming from) yet. But I believe, that it's best to start with friends and familiy, before you should approach people on the street. This will give you experience on how to talk to people and bring your point across. Plus these are people who know you already. But thanks very much for the thought you put in my head.


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